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Kansas City Poised To 'Steal' Mark Barron From Cowboys?

Mark Barron is drawing a lot of interest.
Mark Barron is drawing a lot of interest.

For the past week or so, it seemed a strong consensus was building around the Dallas Cowboys and their pick at #14. Marrying need with talent, safety Mark Barron out of Alabama had been showing up almost everywhere when the Cowboys pick was predicted. But just in the past day or so, a new contender for Barron's services has entered the picture and they stand ahead of the Cowboys in the draft order.

If the Cowboys are truly set on Barron, then the Kansas City Chiefs might be poised to dash those plans. The guys over at Arrowhead Pride are noting that in recent days Barron has been connected to the Chiefs. When I spoke with Joel Thorman who runs that blog, he said a former Chiefs scout is now thinking they will choose Barron to pair with Eric Berry and create a solid safety wall that will help battle Peyton Manning in their division.

Then yesterday, Mike Mayock posted his only mock draft and placed Barron with the Chiefs. One of our SB Nation writers who spoke with Mayock yesterday said Mayock thinks Barron fits their system and would be a great complement to Berry. But, Mayock also mentioned that the Jets and the Patriots may have interest in Barron and might consider trading up to get him.

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So Barron has been racing up draft boards and is now considered to have an outside chance to go in the Top 10. Buffalo Rumblings reports on rumors that the Bills just might grab Barron at #10.

If Dallas wants Barron, they might have to make a move. But if they are truly looking at a group of players like Barron, Cox, Brockers and DeCastro, then they can sit tight and hope one of them will be there - most likely Brockers. And if they aren't there, trading down might be the next best option.

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