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NFL Writer: Cowboys Considering Barron, Brockers, DeCastro or Glenn

Georgia Bulldog OL Cordy Glenn makes a late push as a possible Cowboys pick.
Georgia Bulldog OL Cordy Glenn makes a late push as a possible Cowboys pick.

Ian Rapoport is covering the draft for the NFL Network from Dallas, and has been taking the Cowboys' draft pulse all week. In a report he filed today on, he writes about who he has heard the Cowboys are considering, and has narrowed it down to four players:

Safety Mark Barron, DT Michael Brockers, OG David DeCastro and OG Cordy Glenn. Of the four, Glenn in particular has not received a lot of attention as a potential draft pick. And while Rapoport writes that the Cowboys are likely to stay put at 14 and simply select the best player they can find, Glenn could be an option if the Cowboys were to trade down.

This is the wildcard, a name that didn’t come out until very recently. Glenn has rarely, if ever, been linked to the Cowboys, but make no mistake. The interest is real. At 6-foot-5, 345-pounds, he was Georgia’s starting left tackle last year and one of the best in college football. But my information is that the Cowboys see him as a guard immediately. He is a fantastic puller who is incredibly light on his feet for a big monster. A dancing bear, you might call him.

But Glenn remains a longshot. According to Rapoport, Barron is the Cowboys' first choice, especially because of his 'insane intangibles', as one scout put it.

But the interest in Michael Brockers is also very real. Apparently, the Cowboys see Brockers as the perfect five-technique for their scheme, and 'love the 6-foot-5, 320-something pounder from LSU', although that love is much more for his potential than his actual production.

David DeCastro looks to be in the mix as a potential center for the Cowboys, the scouts seem to agree that he's 'smart enough to do it.

Couple more hours to go. Looks like the Cowboys have done their homework, and it's now just a question of trusting the process. Good things come to those who are patient - or so I keep telling myself as I try will the clock hands to move forward at a faster pace, but my Jedi mind tricks don't seem to be very effective today.

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