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Poll: How Do You Rate The Cowboys First-Round Pick Of Morris Claiborne?

Morris Claiborne is now a member of the Dallas Cowboys. Going into the first round of today's draft, very few people would have said that was going to happen. Jerry Jones traded up, giving up the Cowboys second round pick (#45) to get it done. The Cowboys secondary is now stocked with talent at corner, but there is now a big hole in the second round where the Cowboys will have to watch players go by, unless they decide to jump back in. So the question becomes, did Dallas do the right thing in making the move to grab one of the blue-chip prospects in the 2012 draft?

I guess it all depends on your view of their needs, and if you believe that corner was one of them. It also depends on how much you feel that the defensive line, the pass rush, or the interior offensive line is a problem, and whether they can still address it in this draft.

So BTB, how do you rate the move to get Morris Claiborne?

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