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Cowboys Draft 2012: Rounds 4-7 Best Available

Jason Garrett is liking the way his draft is shaping out. Today he will get the opportunity to continue on improving his football team.
Jason Garrett is liking the way his draft is shaping out. Today he will get the opportunity to continue on improving his football team.

Leading up to the 2012 NFL Draft, we knew there was going to be some excitement. Many did not think there would be this much action though. This draft really has become one of the more exciting events in the past few years. We saw teams deal up, and deal down. Some war rooms reached for guys that fit their criteria and system, some war rooms took a stud.

This has been a very exciting draft, but now come the meat and potatoes segment. The first two rounds of the draft are exciting, marquee names begin to come off the board. After that, the middle to late rounds begin. Teams that draft well usually win on the third day of the draft. Good teams will continue to build a solid football team assembled of players taken in the 4th round and later.

The Cowboys did a poor job of that most recently back in the 2009 draft. We never developed any of those draft picks into potential rotation players. The new Cowboys draft regime appears to be on the road to recovery. If they continue to add players that can contribute early on and fit the RKG model, this team can finally begin to build a complete football team.

Fortunately for the Cowboys, we have multiple picks tomorrow. There are some really good football players left that can help this team win games. This deep in the draft, you look at a few things. One would be upside. I would be willing to take a chance on a player who may take some time to develop only if he is worth waiting for. The other is a contributor/role player.This type of player is ready to contribute and give us on the field production immediately.

Take the jump to learn more about our options on day three...

The Options

The names are not in order of rank, I just decided to list players that may interest the Cowboys.


  • RB Lamar Miller RB Miami
  • TE Orson Charles TE Georgia
  • TE Ladarius Green Louisiana-Lafayette
  • WR Joe Adams Arkansas
  • WR Jarius Wright Arkansas
  • WR Greg Childs Arkansas
  • WR Marvin Jones Cal
  • WR Marvin McNutt Iowa
  • C Quenton Saulsberry Mississippi State
  • C Michael Brewster Ohio State
  • C Ben Jones Georgia
  • C Phillip Blake Baylor
  • OT Bobby Massie Ole Miss
  • OG Jaymes Brooks Virginia Tech
  • OG Ronald Leary Memphis
  • OG Lucas Nix Pitt
  • OG Brandon Washington Miami
  • FB/TE Evan Rodriguez Temple
  • TE Chase Ford Miami
  • TE James Hanna Oklahoma
  • TE George Bryan North Carolina State

Jason Garrett hasn't gotten his offensive fix yet, so an interior offensive lineman, wide receiver or tight end could be in the works tomorrow. Even with the two free agent signings, the guard position could be added to with more talent. Ronald Leary is a name that I really think we may hear called tomorrow, just a hunch. The other lineman whose name I think we may hear tomorrow is Phillip Blake. We need a center and the Cowboys spent a lot time on him. Anything is better than Phil Costa, so I am all for adding another center to the roster.

The wide receiver position does need another talent. I love Raymond Radway, but if we can get Joe Adams, that would be a great pick for the "Romo Friendly" offense. Tight end may be a surprise too. Ed Werder reported during the ESPN draft coverage that the Cowboys were interested in some of the tight ends available. A lot of the name brands are off the board, but a few talented tight ends remain.

This is beginning to look like a defensive oriented draft, which is a good thing. But the Cowboys should just not totally ignore some of their needs on offense.


  • S George Iloka Boise State
  • S Markelle Martin Oklahoma State
  • DT Hebron Fangupo BYU
  • DT Josh Chapman Alabama
  • DT Alameda Ta'amu Washington
  • DT Dominique Hamilton Missouri
  • DT Marcus Forston Miami
  • DT Kheeston Randall Texas
  • DE Jared Crick Nebraska
  • DE/OLB Jonathan Massaquoi Troy
  • DE/OLB Cam Johnson Virginia
  • DE/OLB Ronnell Lewis Oklahoma
  • DE/OLB Adrian Hamilton Prairie View A&M
  • DE/OLB Adrian Robinson Temple
  • LB James-Michael Johnson Nevada
  • LB Audie Cole North Carolina State
  • LB Tank Carder TCU
  • LB Keenan Robinson Texas
  • LB Jerry Franklin Arkansas

Morris Claiborne settles the Cowboys secondary. Don't worry, I am still working on that post and I will have it up tomorrow or Sunday. Our third-round pick, Boise State defensive end Tyrone Crawford gives us a talented piece to add to our defensive line. On defense, the Cowboys still need another pass rusher. Outside linebacker may surprise some, but we can still upgrade our pass rush even more in the next few rounds.

Inside linebacker wouldn't be a shocker either considering the way this team values that position. We have three really good prospects in Sean Lee, Bruce Carter and Dan Connor, but don't be surprised if we take another one for depth.

More depth along the defensive line would be wise because adding more talent there will only improve a weak part of the team. Stocking up on the beef can allow Rob Ryan to run a rotation of lineman, thus staying fresher later into games.

There are a lot of talented players left, and the Cowboys have picks at #113, #135, #152, #186, and #222. If they continue to draft well, this football team will be much more rounded. This draft started off with a bang, and we picked up a solid player with upside in the third. Just stick true to your board Dallas, and everything should be just fine.

One thing is clear to me though, Rob Ryan is having his say in the war room. Jerry, Stephen and Jason are valuing his opinion on the decisions being made. It's great that Ryan is finally getting his type of players for his type of scheme. Let him do his thing because I guarantee this defense will be much improved by allowing Ryan to get his own players.

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