2012 Draft (Best Case/Worst Case)

1st (6) Morris Claiborne (5'11"/188lbs) LSU

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NFL Comparison: Patrick Peterson (worst case) or Aqib Talib (worst case). Claiborne is pretty unique so I don't have a "best case" player comparison for him. His floor is comparable to that of Peterson or Talib (on the field) because of his ball skills. He'll be a slightly shorter but more polished combination of the two and should retire as a Dallas Cowboy sometime in the 2020s.

3rd (81) Tyrone Crawford (6'4"/276lbs) Boise State

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NFL Comparison: Jason Jones (best case) or Austen Lane (worst case).
Crawford should give us some power rush ability as a tackle in a four man front (mostly nickel) this year with the ability to grow into an adequately sized five technique over time. If not, he'll end us a depth player for a few years before moving on in free agency to a 4-3 team.

4th (113) Kyle Wilber (6'4"/249lbs) Wake Forest

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NFL Comparison: Mathias Kiwanuka (best case) or Shawn Crable (worst case). Like Kiwanuka, Wilber is a bit of a DE/LB tweener. He'll have to rely on his instincts, motor and technique to be a long-term starter in the NFL. Otherwise, his stiffness will cause him to flame out of the league in a year or two like Shawn Crable.

4th (135) Matt Johnson (6'1"/212lbs) Eastern Washington

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NFL Comparison: Eric Weddle (best case) or John Wendling (worst case).
Some have said that Johnson could be our version of Jim Leonhard. I think that comparison is off base given Matt Johnson's size and athleticism. I think he has the potential to be the next Eric Weddle (a strong safety with free safety ball skills and leadership traits) or John Wendling (a special teams monster).

5th (152) Danny Coale (6'0"/201lbs) Virginia Tech

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NFL Comparison: Austin Collie (best case) or Earl Bennett (worst case). Danny Coale is likely to be a journeyman receiver that can find a spot on an NFL roster for as long as he wants to play.

6th (182) James Hanna (6'4"/252lbs) Oklahoma

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NFL Comparison: Dennis Pitta (best case) or Chase Coffman (worst case).
Although some might hope or wish that he's the second coming of Jimmy Graham or Aaron Hernandez, James Hanna's body type and skill set projects a career more like Dennis Pitta or Chase Coffman.

7th (222) Caleb McSurdy (6'1"/245lbs) Mon

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NFL Comparison: Brandon Siler (best case),
David Vobora (worst case at LB) or Bruce Miller (worst case at FB). Caleb McSurdy has been described as a football player who lacks the physical skill set of a starter in the NFL. Either the Cowboys will hit a home run in the 7th round or McSurdy will be a bottom of the roster linebacker (Vobora was 2008's Mr. Irrelevant) or practice squad candidate (Miller was converted from DE to FB by the 49ers)

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