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Cowboys Visit Tracker: Stephon Gilmore, Jamell Fleming, 14 Other DBs Visit Dallas

During the Senior Bowl, Cowboys defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan talked about the needs for the 2012 draft and was very clear about the Cowboys' priorities:

"I’m only looking at DBs. Nothing else. DBs."

So far, the Cowboys have brought in 16 defensive backs for a pre-draft visit this week. The latest big names added to the ever growing list are South Carolina CB Stephon Gilmore and Oklahoma CB Jamell Fleming.

One of the challenges of keeping up with the draft these days is that there are so many sources of information, it's hard to keep track of what's going on. And sometimes, the multitude of sources leads to some confusion: Contrary to initial reports, the Star-Telegram now writes that Dontari Poe and David DeCastro did not visit with the Cowboys this week. On the other hand, Twitter gives us an unprecedented level of information especially about who is attending Dallas Days with the Cowboys this week.

After the break, we look at who's been coming and going so far this week and take an early look at which positions are over- and underrepresented.

Here are all 20 national and 32 local prospects (that we know of so far) who've been invited for a pre-draft visit, conveniently sorted by position. 'Rank' indicates where a prospect is ranked on the CBSsports big board per today, (*) denotes local prospects invited for Dallas days.

Pre-draft visitors to Valley Ranch, 2012

Rank WR Rank OL Rank CB Rank S Rank DE Rank LB Rank RB Rank QB
102 Ryan Broyles 20 OG Cordy Glenn 17 Dre Kirkpatrick 26 Mark Barron 7 Fletcher Cox 21 Courtney Upshaw 36 Doug Martin** 293 G.J. Kinne *
188 Jeff Fuller * 32 OG Amini Silatolu 19 Stephon Gilmore 47 Harrison Smith n.a. Chase Baker 65 Ronnell Lewis 92 Cyrus Gray * 496 Nick Stephens *
725 Antoine Hicks* 48 OC Peter Konz 69 Jamell Fleming * 274 D.J. Campbell 112 Keenan Robinson * 346 Lance Dunbar 574 Nathan Dick *
744 David Douglas 130 OG Jeff Allen 74 Casey Hayward 679 Christian Scott *
146 Emmanuel Acho * n.a. Joe Banyard *
n.a. McKay Jacobsen 142 Josh LeRibeus *
91 Ron Brooks * n.a. Kenji Jackson * 152 Tank Carder *
n.a. David Little * 267 OC Grant Garner * 194 Chris Greenwood n.a. Ter'Ran Benton * 345 Braylon Broughton *
357 OG Ronald Leary 251 Lionel Smith n.a. Tekkerein Cuba * 412 Korey Toomer
n.a. OT Jeff Olson * 315 Greg McCoy* 439 Adrian Hamilton *
xxx 573 Isaac Madison* 475 Curnelius Arnick *
xxx 573 Isaac Madison* 589 Richetti Jones*

** Note that RB Doug Martin out of Boise State was scheduled to attend but the inclement weather prevented him from making it to Dallas. We're keeping him on the list anyway. Also note that TCU players Anson Kelton (Punter) and Logan Brock (TE) did not fit the list above

Overall, there are sixteen defensive backs on this list, nine corners and seven safeties. Somewhat surprisingly, the next highest number of invitations went to linebackers, of whom ten have made the list so far. Also quite surprising is the low number of defensive linemen, while the number of interor linemen is about what was expected.

Some of these names are probably unfamiliar to most Cowboys fans, so the list below sorts the prospects by Rank and adds a little extra information.

National Visits
CBSSports Rank Player Pos. School Proj. Round Source
7 Fletcher Cox DT Mississippi State 1 Fletcher Cox, ESPN
17 Dre Kirkpatrick CB Alabama 1
19 Stephon Gilmore CB South Carolina 1 Star-Telegram
20 Cordy Glenn OG Georgia 1 ESPN
21 Courtney Upshaw OLB Alabama 1 ESPN
26 Mark Barron SS Alabama 1-2 ESPN
32 Amini Silatolu OG Midwestern State 1-2 Detroit Free Press
36 Doug Martin RB Boise State 1-2
47 Harrison Smith SS Notre Dame 2
48 Peter Konz C Wisconsin 2 Draftinsider
65 Ronnell Lewis OLB Oklahoma 2-3 Tulsaworld
74 Casey Hayward CB Vanderbilt 2-3 Twitter
102 Ryan Broyles WR Oklahoma 3-4
130 Jeff Allen OG Illinois 4 Twitter
194 Chris Greenwood CB Albion 6 Detroit News
251 Lionel Smith CB Texas A&M 7
274 D.J. Campbell FS California 7-FA NFLdraftscout
357 Ronald Leary OG Memphis UDFA Memphis Tigers
412 Korey Toomer ILB Idaho UDFA Tony Pauline
n.a. Chase Baker NT Boise State UDFA Twitter
Dallas Days
69 Jamell Fleming CB Oklahoma 2 DMN
91 Ron Brooks CB LSU 3
92 Cyrus Gray RB Texas A&M 3 ESPN
112 Keenan Robinson OLB Texas 3-4 Star-Telegram
142 Josh LeRibeus OG SMU 4-5 ESPN
146 Emmanuel Acho ILB Texas 4-5 Star-Telegram
152 Tank Carder ILB TCU 4-5 Star-Telegram
188 Jeff Fuller WR Texas A&M 5-6 Charean Williams
267 Grant Garner OC Oklahoma State 7-Fa Twitter
293 G.J. Kinne QB Tulsa 7-FA Twitter
315 Greg McCoy CB TCU 7-FA Twitter
345 Braylon Broughton OLB TCU UDFA ESPN
346 Lance Dunbar RB North Texas UDFA Twitter
439 Adrian Hamilton OLB Prairie View A&M UDFA Twitter
459 Anson Kelton P TCU UDFA Twitter
475 Curnelius Arnick ILB Tulsa UDFA Twitter
496 Nick Stephens QB Tarkenton State UDFA Cross Timbers Gazette
573 Isaac Madison CB Arkansas UDFA
574 Nathan Dick QB Central Arkansas UDFA Twitter
589 Richetti Jones DE/LB Oklahoma UDFA Twitter
679 Christian Scott SS Texas UDFA Twitter
718 Logan Brock TE TCU UDFA Twitter
725 Antoine Hicks WR TCU UDFA Twitter
744 David Douglas WR Arizona UDFA Twitter
n.a. McKay Jacobsen WR BYU UDFA
n.a. Kenji Jackson SS Missouri UDFA Twitter
n.a. Ter'Ran Benton SS Iowa State UDFA Twitter
n.a. Cole Beasley WR SMU UDFA Twitter
n.a. David Little WR Midwestern State UDFA Twitter
n.a. Tekkerein Cuba FS TCU UDFA Twitter
n.a. Jeff Olson OT TCU UDFA Twitter
n.a. Joe Banyard RB UTEP UDFA Twitter

I trust that you will not find a more comprehensive list of visitors to Valley Ranch anywhere on the internet - or anywhere else for that matter.

[Update: David Moore from the DMN reports that the Cowboys are still hosting draft picks, and are still looking to bring in seven more players to fill up their quota of 30 national prospects. They also invited 'close to 50' local prospects. We currently have 20 nationals and 31 locals in the tables above, and will update new names below as they become available.]

Michael Brockers has met with the Cowboys.
Josh Robinson per Charley Casserly on NFL Network
T.Y. Hilton, per

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