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Guest Podcast Appearance: Cowboys Offseason Moves And Fantasy Football Implications

Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant. As a fantasy option, is he receiver 1A or 1B?
Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant. As a fantasy option, is he receiver 1A or 1B?

It's always great to have the opportunity to discuss Dallas Cowboys football. It's what brought most of us to BTB, morphing many of us from lurkers into commenters. Occasionally, I'm asked to share my opinions on how I feel things are going with the Cowboys by someone who doesn't follow the team as closely as we do here at Blogging The Boys; and I love the opportunity and try my best to deliver responses worthy of the level of conversation we have here at our Cowboys home.

Ben Standig of FFToolbox, who happened to be the runaway winner of OCC's Mock Draft Challenge, invited me onto his podcast to talk about the team and the changes it made during the offseason. We also, seeing how the site he works for focuses on fantasy football, discussed the merits of several Cowboys in that realm as well. I must admit, it's a little too early for me to be thinking of FF, but Ben felt the same way and just wanted to get some overview opinions; so it all worked out in the end. Have a listen (click here if you'd like to open the player in a new window).

Unfortunately, the mp3 player that was used doesn't have timestamping so you might have to play around with the controls. I join the show about two-thirds through and stay on until the end.

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