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Which Cowboys Player From The 2011 Roster Will Be The 2012 Breakout Player?

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Since January, we've focused almost exclusively on the new talent the Cowboys acquired, first via free agency in March, then via the draft in April and most recently via the college free agent signings.

And while it's great fun to contemplate what all these shiny new toys will bring to the Cowboys, it's also easy to lose sight of another great source of talent for the Cowboys in 2012: the guys already on the team.

Two weeks ago, we asked you to name your pet cats on the 2012 roster. Today, we're going to ask you to nominate your favorite for Breakout Player for 2012. But before you start typing a response (e.g. "Morris Claiborne, Sukkkaahhs!") there are some rules you need to follow. To qualify as a Breakout Player, the following criteria must be met:

• Drafted in the third round or later, or signed as a college free agent
• On the Cowboys roster in 2011
• Entered the NFL between 2009 and 2011
• Fewer than five career games started
• Still on their initial contract

The clue to my pick is cleverly hidden in the photo attached to this post. After the break you'll find the list of qualifying players from which you can pick your 2012 Breakout Player for the Dallas Cowboys.

The criteria outlined above are based on the Football Outsiders Top 25 Prospects list, which they release every year ahead of the season, and in which they nominate the 25 players they think are most likely to have a breakout year. Last year, they nominated Tashard Choice, so let's hope our picks turn out a little better this year.

The table below is split into three categories: Players who have started at least one game, players who have played in at least one game and players who have done neither.

Name POS NFL Years Games Games Started
NFL Starting Experience
Nagy, Bill G 1 4 4
Owusu-Ansah, Akwasi S 2 14 2
Butler, Victor LB 3 47 1
Ogletree, Kevin WR 3 31 1
Church, Barry S 2 28 1
McGee, Stephen QB 3 3 1
NFL Game Experience
McCray, Danny S 2 30 0
Brent, Josh DT 2 21 0
Lissemore, Sean DE 2 18 0
Albright, Alex LB 1 16 0
Tanner, Phillip RB 1 10 0
Harris, Dwayne WR 1 7 0
Kowalski, Kevin C 1 7 0
Chapas, Shaun FB 1 3 0
Geathers, Clifton DE 1 3 0
Parnell, Jermey OT 2 3 0
No NFL Experience
Arkin, David G 1 0 0
Butler, Mario CB 1 0 0
Callaway, Robert DT 1 0 0
Holmes, Andre WR 1 0 0
Lemon, Orie LB 1 0 0
Radway, Raymond WR 1 0 0
Silva, Mana S 1 0 0
Williams, Teddy CB 1 0 0

From this list, who do you think could be the 2012 Breakout Player for the Dallas Cowboys?

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