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What Are Cowboys Players Missing By Not Being In OTAs? [Audio] "Cowboys Crunchtime" Podcast

<em>Can we finally get to work!?! I smell football in the air!</em>
Can we finally get to work!?! I smell football in the air!

The Cowboys Crunchtime podcast has returned with Episode 1.4 to discuss the latest and greatest things weighing on my mind about the Dallas Cowboys. In this episode, I talk about an one-game accolade attributed to one of BTB's favorite players; none other than Sean Lee Chuck Norris himself. Want to know which game received the kudo's? Have a listen.

The meat and potatoes of this audio venture though deals with the 2012 OTA's (Organized Team Activities) that kick off tomorrow and run through Thursday. It will be the first of three consecutive weeks of learning exercises for the Cowboys. The two main storylines feature Cowboys cornerbacks. Mike Jenkins; will he show up? How much damage is he doing if he doesn't? More importantly, how much is missing the OTA's going to set back rookie first rounder Morris Claiborne?

If you have some time to spare, take a listen. Hope you enjoy it and if you do; don't forget you can subscribe via iTunes simply by searching in the iTunes store for 'Cowboys Crunchtime' or 'KD Drummond'. That way, you'll never have to worry about missing a post that might get pushed down by the rest of the dynamic content published by my contemporaries here.


Click here to listen ==> Cowboys Crunchtime Episode 1.4 <== Click here to listen


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