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Breaking News: Colts Offering To Trade For Cowboys' Mike Jenkins

It has been reported that the Indianpolis Colts are trying to trade for MIke Jenkins.
It has been reported that the Indianpolis Colts are trying to trade for MIke Jenkins.

Adam Schefter at ESPN has reported that the Indianapolis Colts have offered to trade for Mike Jenkins.

The Indianapolis Colts have made multiple trade offers to the Dallas Cowboys in an effort to acquire disgruntled cornerback Mike Jenkins, and the last one remains on the table, according to a league source.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said this week that Dallas would not trade Jenkins. But another NFL source familiar with the situation said he believed a trade could be worked out for the right price.

This would seem to be a solution that would work out for both parties. The only argument that can be made against the trade is to make a stand on principle, that the team will not let an unhappy player manipulate them into trading him. However, that seems a lot less valuable than a draft pick. Indy seems to think they have made a good offer.

A Colts official declined comment, yet a person connected to the team said Indianapolis has been trying to pry loose Jenkins with an offer that one source said "many teams would think is compelling."

To hazard a fairly obvious guess, I think Dallas is trying to see just how much they can sqeeze out of the Colts, or to see if someone comes along with a better offer. The Cowboys would be well advised to wait for an offer their own front office finds compelling, and not just some anonymous league source, but if the offer is to their liking, it is difficult to see how the Cowboys could come out ahead by keeping Jenkins, who likely would only have more resentment over the knowledge the team refused to trade him.


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