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Cowboys Crunchtime: Evaluating The Dallas Offseason [Audio] With Guest Dave Halprin

<em>You either ride with us... or collide with us...</em>
You either ride with us... or collide with us...

Cowboys Crunchtime podcast has returned to the airwaves with a special guest this week. As I tackle topics such as the way Dallas handled releasing information about offseason surgeries, the new NFL rule changes and Jason Garrett's ability to lead this franchise, I'm joined by a special guest.

Our editor, the founder of our Cowboys home on the internet, Dave Halprin, joined me for a chat about a few Cowboys related topics that were on my mind this past week. As usual, he drops knowledge and also provides some insight into how this holy grail of Cowboys fandom came to be, rescuing us from the drudgery of the myriad of other Cowboys sites that are sprinkled across the net.

Of course, we discuss the Mike Jenkins plot (although the session was recorded before any of the Indianapolis Colts trade rumors surfaced), as well as whether or not we feel the team will improve on it's overall record from last year.

If you have some time to spare, take a listen. Hope you enjoy it and if you do; don't forget you can subscribe via iTunes simply by searching in the iTunes store for 'Cowboys Crunchtime' or 'KD Drummond'.


Click here to listen ==> Cowboys Crunchtime Episode 1.5 <== Click here to listen

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