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"Cowboys Crunchtime Podcast" Episode 1.3: Interior O-Line, Rookies And More

Pick (of) Six, please.
Pick (of) Six, please.

It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you. I've returned to the airwaves a bit rusty, but as passionate as ever about our Dallas Cowboys. If you've been patiently waiting for a return of Crunchtime, I appreciate the unwavering support; I know the podcast format isn't for everyone, but it is a popular format around the webisphere and it will be something I do more frequently (or at least as often as I can get Little KD to keep quiet for an hour). The guest spots will return, but I had to shake the cobwebs off first.

[UPDATE] I've worked out the prior kinks and the podcasts are now available for download on iTunes. Just access the iTunes Store, and search for 'Cowboys Crunchtime' or 'KD Drummond'. [/UPDATE]

You can also subscribe directly to my podcast at the following link: You will have the option to manually select which application you use, including iTunes.

In this episode, I discuss several topics of interest (to me); mainly some draft recap items such as the 'if we didn't trade for #6' game, the idea of drafting a young backup QB for various reasons and some general NFL and sports stuff that was on my mind.

Here's the link to open the podcast in it's own window. It runs about 17 minutes, so if you have the time to spare, give it a listen. As always, I appreciate it. Feel free to discuss any of the topics in the comments and I'll chime in.

Cowboys Crunchtime Episode 1.3 <== Click Here To Listen

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