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Dallas Cowboys Minicamp Day 1 Injury Summary And Twitter Feed

Rob Ryan amidst his charges at minicamp.
Rob Ryan amidst his charges at minicamp.

The Dallas Cowboys got the Mandatory Minicamp started today. The big non-event of course was the arrival of Mike Jenkins. He showed up, as advertised, and now the team has everyone present except Matt Johnson, who is still delayed by the academic schedule at his school, Eastern Washington, despite earlier reports he would be available (the team is hoping he may still make it for the last session on Thursday).

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There are still a group of Cowboys besides Mike Jenkins not participating fully in practice. Nick Eatman at put up a list of everyone and why they are not available, which I have put into a tabular format. The majority of these are just dings, the kind of things that would be played through in the regular season. The team is taking a very careful approach here and working on getting as many people to the start of training camp as healthy as possible. Some of the things, like Kowalski's walking boot, weren't really explained.

Player Injury Player Inury
Morris Claiborne Wrist surgery Tyrone Crawford Strained calf
Kyle Wilber Broken finger Danny Coale Broken foot
Felix Jones Shoulder surgery Bruce Carter Tight hamstring
Kyle Orton Hamstring strain Jay Ratliff Plantar fasciitis
Gerald Sensabaugh "Minor knee issue" Dan Connor Shoulder injury
Kevin Kowalski Walking boot, foot injury Mackenzy Bernadeau Hip surgery

After the jump, the much anticipated Twitter feed!

I left out most of the redundant tweets - you can be sure every person at Valley Ranch with a Twitter account had something to say about Jenks showing up. In general, first up got posted here.

Nick Eatman CB Mike Jenkins has arrived at Valley Ranch for the 3-day minicamp. He won't practice because of the shoulder, but won't be fined either.
Rob Phillips Day One of minicamp starts at 11:30...expect practices to be more an extension of OTA's. More installation but no live contact.
Tim MacMahon The tat inside Brandon Carr's right forearm reads, "BUILT CARR TOUGH." Kind of sums up Cowboys ' $50 million CB.
Calvin Watkins About to head to Cowboys veteran minicamp. Looking to see who is here and who is not.
Josh Ellis Who'd have thought... first day of mandatory minicamp, Mike Jenkins is here and Jason Witten is not. Tight end is excused for jury duty.
Bryan Broaddus Looks like Kyle Orton is taking the practice off.
Nick Eatman Once again .. Top 5 draft picks not practicing .. Claiborne, Crawford (calf), Wilber (finger) and Coale (foot) hurt. Johnson still in school
Todd Archer Jason Witten update: case was settled. Should be on field momentarily. Let you know when it happens
Tim MacMahon Dude copped a plea in case. Jason Witten done with jury duty, will be on field soon.
Todd Archer Marcus Spears on practice field. Missed most of OTAs with neck injury.
Josh Ellis Jason Witten is back from fulfilling his civic duty.
Josh Ellis Just some very, very light conditioning for Mike Jenkins so far.
Calvin Watkins Felix Jones is running around out here doing rehab.
Rob Phillips Jenkins and Kyle Orton are dressed out and running with athletic trainers. Not practicing.
Rob Phillips Danny Coale inside doing some bike work. Hoped last week to have his cast off any day now.
Josh Ellis When I wrote the blog about possibly keeping two fullbacks yesterday, I forgot one who is on the roster. Shouldn't forget Jamize Olawale.
Ian Rappaport This is #Cowboys CB Mike Jenkins rehabbing during practice (shoulder). But hey, he's here (Retweeted by BTB)
Bryan Broaddus Dez Bryant looks so much better running routes. Just needs to continue to carry that over into team work. He is understanding.
Josh Ellis Still haven't seen kicker Dan Bailey today. This is your moment, Delbert Alvarado.
Josh Ellis Well, there he is. Nevermind, Delbert.
Bryan Broaddus Beasley lined up outside of Austin on a route. Looks like they are going to try him there and see what happens. Austin was in slot.
Rob Phillilps Jerome Henderson has the DBs working on the jugs machine, catching INTs. "Attack the ball," he says.
Bryan Broaddus Garrett has them working on a situation where the ball is on the 18 with :18 seconds left in game with no timeouts. 1's vs 1's.

Bryan Broaddus

The defense is in what they call their dollar and they haven't given up a play but after every play their has been a ton of discussion.
Bryan Broaddus
Just learned that the Orton injury is a slight hamstring but he should be okay.

Bryan Broaddus
Hard to fool Sean Lee, offense just ran a reverse and Lee was already to the sideline on his right.
Rob Phillips Same first-team O-line: Smith, Livings, Costa, Arkin, Free.

Tim MacMahon
Dez Bryant freak show: ridiculous leaping one-hand, lefty catch on a bullet.
Bryan Broaddus Trying to find Bruce Carter but on that last play Orie Lemon was on the field with the 1s. Will keep an eye on that.
Josh Ellis Getting hot out here now, and offense versus defense in an inside running still. Intense. But mostly just hot. #CantWaitForOxnard
Rob Phillips Nice job by Dunbar of getting to the edge. Has lateral quickness
Bryan Broaddus UDFA Lance Dunbar is an explosive player. He does a nice job of getting the ball to the edge. Wish he wasn't short for pass blocking.
Rob Phillips Miles lined up out wide, gets off the jam from Carr. Ball goes underneath.
Josh Ellis New sign outside the locker room today. Jason Garrett trying to send a message to anyone in particular?
Bryan Broaddus Pat McQuistan has been running at right tackle with the 2's.
Rob Phillips Phillip Tanner fielding some punts with Kevin Ogletree.
Josh Ellis RT @RobEnriquez Dez?} Looks like the best practice I've seen from him this summer. Settling into every zone.
Calvin Watkins Got Danny Coale catching some passes with a trainer with no boot.
Rob Phillips Backup guard/center Kevin Kowlaski not practicing. Has a boot on his left foot.
Rob Phillips Jerry reiterates yet again, "We're not going to trade Jenkins." Had "good visit" today
Josh Ellis Garrett says he talked individually to Mike Jenkins, just about how to get himself healthy and he's glad to have him back.
Josh Ellis People say he's boring, but I'm always impressed by Jason in press conference setting. Commands the room. His predecessor did not.
Josh Ellis He pretty much just said, look, you can keep answering Jenkins questions, and I can keep rejecting them to half court. Politely,
Josh Ellis RT @TheSport519 Garrett kind of implied Ogletree will be #3 based on his versatility. Concerns me that can't play ST} Robinson didn't.
Rob Phillips Here is a complete transcript from Mike Jenkins' chat with the Valley Ranch media horde: (Silence.)

There it is. I thought Phillips had an excellent Tweet to wrap things up. By the way, if you did not follow the link on the sign (see the highlighted Josh Ellis Tweet above), you really should. Or, you can read my new signature in the comment threads.


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