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Dallas Cowboys Highlight Videos: I Believe The Children Are Our Future

Morris Claiborne: Almost Ready.
Morris Claiborne: Almost Ready.

The rookies. As we say goodbye to the offseason before the 2012 season, I think it's safe to say that the craving for real football action has gotten Cowboys fans a little lightheaded; but in a good way. While free agency dominates the early part of the offseason, the real meat and potatoes comes with the joys of youth; drafting and cultivating talent that the league has yet to see before.

Unfortunately, due to a wide range of reasons; Dallas hasn't really been able to unleash their new personnel on the world.

First-round draft pick Morris Claiborne has been sidelined due to ligament injuries in his wrist and recovery from surgery after the NFL Scouting Combine. Third-round draft pick Tyrone Crawford suffered a calf injury early and has been kept out of action. Fourth-rounder Kyle Wilber broke a finger on the second day of rookie camp and hasn't been able to practice since. The Cowboys second fourth-rounder, Matt Johnson, has been held out due to his school calendar year not ending until Wednesday and just got his first taste of the action.

Four rookies, less than five practices between them. Fortunately, all are expected to be ready by the start of training camp, July 30th. But there's no reason for you to wait until then to envision how they will be able to assist the Cowboys in 2012 and beyond. Follow the jump and check out the highlight videos for each. While not as exhilarating as the highlights from NFL professionals at skill positions, this is where it starts.

Morris Claiborne - LSU Highlights

Tyrone Crawford (link to who actually has the best highlight package of him)

==> Click To Watch <==

Kyle Wilber (Spotlight focus from 2011 game vs NC State)

Matt Johnson (lengthy but great compilation of picks and crushing hits)

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