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NFL To Make 'Coaches Film' Available To Football Fans

All-22 film is here at last.
All-22 film is here at last.

Many football fans across the Nation were heard squealing in delight yesterday when news broke that the NFL will make the Coaches Film, also known as the "All-22 film", available to fans. The All-22 film is the material teams use when they are "watching film".

Fans, bloggers and advanced stat sites like Football Outsiders, Pro Football Focus and others will now be able to review the exact same material teams use to break down plays and evaluate players. The All-22 film shows the entire field of play, a bird's eye view of all 22 players on the field and what they are doing, and will allow all of us to better understand what is going on across the entire field, not just what the TV broadcast is showing as it follows the football.

This season, the Coaches Film will be included in the premium Game Rewind package, available for a $70 subscription. Your BTB writers are predictably excited. Here are a couple of reactions after we first heard the news:

Dave Halprin: "We'll definitely sign up for this."

Rabblerousr: "Hallelujah! The promised land at last!"

KD Drummond: "Can't wipe the smile off my face..."

Archie Barberio: "I need new pants."

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