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Dallas Cowboys Highlight Videos: Tony Romo's Career

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Man, 2006 seems like yesterday, doesn't it? I guess because I'm such a huge Romo fan, it's hard to believe that we've completed five and a half seasons under Tony's guidance at the quarterback position. He's made three playoff runs, suffered the indignation of a historic collapse and mutiny on cupcakes, and suffered countless injuries that he's had to play through and sit because of.

In a short amount of time, Tony Romo has pretty much seen it all; save for extended playoff success. For Cowboys fans near and far, hopefully all of that changes in 2012. If it's to be, there is no doubt that Romo will receive much of the credit; just as there is no doubt he will receive much of the blame if it doesn't. Over the years, we've seen him dazzle us with mesmerizing moments that 95% of the quarterbacks in the league could never make on a regular basis. Of course, he's made more than his share of crunchtime errors to go along with those, and the frustration that spawns from those cannot be overlooked.

It's the offseason, though, and the time to dissect Romo's play during the upcoming season would only be futile speculation at this point. We simply have no idea whether or not he'll be able to provide us with more scintillating than scary moments for 2012.

What we do know, or at least might need a refresher of, is how often he has amazed us with his exploits over the last six seasons. Granted highlight videos don't give a full picture as most of the negatives are cut out; but they do remind us of why we root so hard for these players that we know in passing fashion at best.

Follow the jump to follow Romo through the years.

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