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What's Your Cowboys Game-Day Ritual?

Everybody has a special game-day ritual. What's yours?
Everybody has a special game-day ritual. What's yours?

Many people scoff at the notion that our choice of attire, behavioral pattern or something else can influence game outcomes a couple of thousand miles away. I laugh at their ignorance.

It is an established fact of fanhood that everything we do while a game is on TV can have an immediate and profound impact on the game outcome. It's not even debatable. As fans, we all know that we have a direct influence on the game, and that even the smallest deviations from established protocol can have immediate and unforeseen consequences.

After last season, some of us may have to rethink our game-day rituals, because it's pretty clear that they weren't very effective. After all, you don't want to be that guy; the guy who forgot which side of the couch he was supposed to sit on; the guy who didn't wear the right jersey; the gal who put a bad mojo on the TV by watching Dancing With The Stars the night before.

I have a very special Cowboys cap. It is a very plain, no nonsense cap. White. A blue Cowboys Star on the front. Nothing else. No embroidery, no additional colors, no nothing. I am convinced that when I put on this cap, the Cowboys play better. The eye-test tells me so. And we all know the eye-test is superior to everything.

But I have to use my cap judiciously. I cannot simply wear it all the time, as it would lose its ability to influence the outcome of the game. So it is only at critical junctures that I put on the cap. Last year, it didn't always have the desired effect. Of course, I blame myself for using the cap improperly. I shall be even more judicious this year.

So, dear Cowboys Nation, what's you special game-day ritual going to be this season? Let's hear your story.

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