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Cowboys Crunchtime Podcast: Advanced Stats 101 With O.C.C. [Audio]

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Tony Romo and the numbers game; all in the latest episode of Cowboys Crunchtime
Tony Romo and the numbers game; all in the latest episode of Cowboys Crunchtime

Every once in a while, we need to step back into the classroom. Whether it's to refresh our memories on subjects learned but turning fuzzy, or to add new trains of thought to well-traveled tracks; knowledge is always key.

I figured the tail-end of the offseason was the perfect opportunity to discuss something that I've been integrating into my football fan wheelhouse; the advanced stat. Now of course, I would never claim to be a statistical expert, but I do know where to find one; right here in-house with our very own One.Cool.Customer.

O.C.C. has introduced many of us here to advanced statistics and putting them in context that the average football fan can dissect. So I asked him to join the podcast and give us all a refresher course as we start to do our summer reading activities in preparation for the 2012 school year NFL season.

Also in Episode 1.7, I take a quick stab at diffusing a pet peeve of mine, supporting a valid position with invalid logic. This particular subject? The supporting cast that Romo's been afforded and "his" ceiling as an undrafted free agent quarterback.

Click here to listen ==> Cowboys Crunchtime Episode 1.7 <== Click here to listen

If you have some time to spare, take a listen. Hope you enjoy it and if you do; don't forget you can subscribe via iTunes simply by searching in the iTunes store for 'Cowboys Crunchtime' or 'KD Drummond'.