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Cowboys News And Notes Week In Review: 5/27/12 - 6/2/12

Quit slacking, Tony. Here's what you might have missed last week.
Quit slacking, Tony. Here's what you might have missed last week.

Well football fans, we've made it to June and you know what that means... still no football. Don't fret though, June means mandatory minicamps and at least the first two letters are the same as in July when training camp kicks off. Reaching a bit? Darn right I am.

As much as I keep trying to convince myself that the OTA sessions hold the secrets to the season, the facts that we only get reports one out of every three days of practice is working my nerves. For example, Tuesday comes and goes and we get reports of who is sitting out of the practice sessions with various injury concerns. DeMarcus Ware sat out practice with a neck, and it drew immediate concerns to the injury he suffered last year. We even learned that the injury affected him for most of the latter part of the season. Mild panic ensued in some parts. Next thing we knew, on Wednesday Jason Garrett was guaranteeing that Ware would be a full partcipant on Thursday and sure enough, there he was. Catastrophe avoided.

That's generally what happens during these times. One piece of information, positive or negative, gets blown a bit out of proportion because we have nothing else to discuss. Our only defense is to remind ourselves to think critically beyond the initial reactions by ourselves or the media delivering us the story. Fortunately, we did get a nice dose of actual Cowboys and NFL news this past week. Let's dive into it to make sure you didn't miss anything worthy.


DeMarco Murray: "I think the Cowboys have the pieces" | National Football Post

Of course, all the talk surrounding Dallas has to do with the 'window of opportunity' for this current group of Cowboys to achieve team success. With nothing else to discuss, basically every player is being asked for his take on the pane of it all. See what I did there?

"I think we have a great group of guys but at the same time we definitely feel that this year is going to be a great year for us and we don't see why we shouldn't be in the Super Bowl this year."

So, Murray thinks the Cowboys are Super Bowl bound?

"I think we have the pieces," Murray said. "We have a great coaching staff and that's what we are aiming for. We're aiming to not only make the playoffs and make a splash, but I think every NFL team is looking to win the Super Bowl."

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Jerry Jones: Dez Bryant's conditioning needs work |

"I don't know that (injuries) impacted some of the things that he needs to work on, and we need to work on as a coaching staff to get him the ball and get him into plays," Jones said. "When he would lose concentration in the last part of the game, I don't know if that was because of conditioning. I suspect it could've been. That's not (to) be critical, but I suspect that, rather (than) the injury (having) anything to do with that or not, those are the things that we're working on so he can be more impactful in the latter part of the game, and we can do the kinds of things we need to do to get him the ball."

DeMarcus Ware: "I sort of agree' that window is closing | SportsDay DFW

Ware appeared on The Herd with Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio and shared his views on a couple recent Cowboys discussion points.

"The window is always open to win a Super Bowl. If you're there or not, the Super Bowl is going to be there. But with the team that you have, you never know if you'll be able to get that team back again. So, when you have that opportunity and you sort of got to take advantage of it right there. And the time is now. The time is now. The time is this year.

"The time was actually yesterday, from last season. I just think guys have got to take it as that, look at the past and try to excel in the future."...

During the radio appearance, Ware said the team's motto for the 2012 season is "Put up or shut up".

Michael Irvin: Cowboys 'need to find a consistent passing game out wide' | DMN

The Playmaker gave some quality quotes to KRLD on Friday in an interview. One thing noteworthy? His assessment of the Cowboys offense's room for improvement.

On who the most important player on the team is this year:

"It’s always the quarterback but saying that, you found a running game in DeMarco Murray. Now, you have to find a consistent passing game out wide. You have a consistent passing game with Jason Witten, but we got to be consistent out wide. We have to consistently make those plays, and we haven’t done that."


Cowboys Kyle Orton ranked NFL's No. 1 backup quarterback | SportsDay

"I am excited we have him," Jones said. "I was excited when we signed him. I think he is very capable of starting in the league. And we know we don't want to think about it, but if you're going to have Romo out there under center, then you have to give yourself the best chance. And I think he does that.

"I am excited about how he looks out here. He's really looking outstanding. He gets the ball out quick. He gets the ball out accurate. That's what he's all about. We wanted him. I think he has the chance to help us a lot."

Hakeem Nicks: No doubt I'll play in Giants opener |

Pretty straight forward quote from the star receiver:

"I don't have any doubt," Nicks said.

There have been competing reports regarding when Nicks will be back. One estimate said six weeks. The Giants said 12 weeks and that Nicks was "overly optimistic." Nicks will listen to the Giants.

QB Rudy Carpenter has oblique strain | Star Telegram

Many folks have been wondering why Stephen McGee is getting snaps at all (insert cynical jokes here) and Rudy Carpenter hasn't received any. Well, here's your answer. Carpenter strained his oblque before the OTAs even started and the team wants him at 100% before they let him return to full activity.

Mike Jenkins' agent says he'll be at mandatory mini-camp | Star Telegram

"I haven’t talked to him about those kinds of things, but I do know his agent said he will be here, for sure," Jones said Wednesday at Cowboys Stadium, where the Cowboys conducted their fifth OTA practice of the offseason. "And he’s never not been to anything mandatory."

Read more here:

Jenkins is rehabbing his shoulder after surgery all by his lonely down in Florida.

Jerry Jones: I'm for using Dez Bryant on punt returns | ESPN Dallas

I know quite a few BTBers that are 100% behind this; and another handful that feel it's an unnecessary risk.


OTA notes: Victor Butler, Jason Hatcher pressure | ESPN Dallas

Stars of the session: WR Dwayne Harris, LB Victor Butler, DE Jason Hatcher, QB Kyle Orton.

Rookie LB Kyle Wilber has two pins removed from finger, could return to practice sooner | SportsDay

Originally, Cowboys officials said Wilber wouldn't likely return to practice until training camp in late July. But Wilber said Wednesday that he could participate in the team's mini-camp in mid-June while wearing a "club" similar to the heavily-wrapped, capped cast that linebacker Sean Lee wore last season to protect his injured wrist. Wilber said he played with a club over his hand his senior season of high school.

NFL to keep Pro Bowl, hold game in Honolulu | My San Antonio

This, Goodell folds on. The NFLPA says it wants to continue playing the game in Hawaii (surprise, surprise) and doesn't want the all-star contest to end. They've pledged to try harder. I still won't tune in.


Sporting News Declared Jason Garrett 23rd Best Coach | NBCDFW

Says the article about the Cowboys’ current head coach: "Garrett must do better in close games, when his play calling tends to become too conservative."

Aaaannnddd.... go!


Dallas Cowboys' Spencer can't avoid unfavorable comparisons to Ware | Star Telegram

For those of the Cowboys kingdom that support Spencer's role on the team, this article is for you.

"I listen to all those radio shows on the way home, and when they're not dog-cussing me, they're dog-cussing him," Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan said after the rookie minicamp. "The bottom line is: He's a damn good football player. What we asked him to do, he did a great job with. So if we send him more this year [as a pass-rusher], that will be great. I know everybody just looks at the bottom line on sacks or wins, and I don't blame them. But as a coach, you appreciate a guy like Anthony Spencer because he does the right thing, and he plays hard; he forces fumbles; he still rushes the passer. ...I think he's going to have a great year."

Read more here:

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