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Activating 'Ask BTB' Mailbag: Send Your Huddled Masses, But We'd Prefer Cowboys Questions

BTB Rocks.
BTB Rocks.

Last offseason, during the time frame which we dare not speak it's name, we all struggled to find things to do. With absolutely no football news other than the latest courtroom updates, it was an extremely difficult stretch to go from February until August as fans of the pigskin; with only the draft to entertain us.

Trying to keep all sharp, I opened up 'Ask BTB' our version of a Cowboys-centric mailbag. This gave our community the chance to ask more lengthy questions than they might in the comments of an article, provide article ideas that they wondered about but aren't able to research on their own, et cetera etcetera.

So we're going to open it back up for 2012 and see if you all take the opportunity to engage us.

Send your questions to me directly, and I will bring them to our team of writers to see if anyone can tackle them for you. The question may be answered in a future article, in an audio podcast, or a Youtube video! If you can ask in less than 140 characters, feel free to tweet it to me @BloggingTheBoys on Twitter, or if it's more lengthy email me at I'll let you know your inquiry is under consideration and, eventually, where you can expect your response.

Join us as we continue to make Blogging The Boys your number one source for Cowboys knowledge!


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