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Dallas Cowboys Highlight Videos: Dez Bryant And The Wide Receivers

Sometimes, even the believers need a bit of a reminder, Dez.
Sometimes, even the believers need a bit of a reminder, Dez.

It's getting closer... it's creeping up behind you... you know it's there. It's the 2012 NFL football season and it's less than three months away! OK, fine. That's pretty damn anticlimactic; [UPDATE] I misread a report and thought it was saying that the new CBA allowed for pad work in the one mini-camp. That is NOT the case. Players will still be in shirts and shorts and contact is not allowed. Sorry if I misled you down the road with me. [/UPDATE] It isn't training camp (which doesn't start until the end of July) but at least everyone is required to attend next week's practice sessions.

In honor of our slow grind toward the real action, I'll continue our series of highlight videos reminding you what it is that makes you leap from your couches in sheer ecstasy, screaming obscenities in the most joyous tones, cursing out non-believers that you may or may not have ever met in real life. I present the latest in the movement, the wide receiver group.

I debated long and hard about whether I wanted to include Laurent Robinson highlights here and decided against it. I don't blame him for following the money to Jacksonville, but he chose money over loyalty to the team I root for, therefore rendering him "sportsfan dead" to me. I hope he regrets it every step of the way while all 6,523 Jaguars fans root for Blaine Gabbert to complete a pass to him.

So follow the jump for a collection of highlight videos for those members of the Dallas Cowboys receiving corps that will make contributions to the team in 2012.

Dez Bryant 2011 Highlights

Dez Bryant 2010 Highlights

Miles Austin Highlights Through 2010

Danny Coale Tribute Video From Va Tech

Cole Beasley SMU Highlights (10 min long)

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