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Cowboys' Morris Claiborne Fully Cleared For Camp

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Morris Claiborne should be back to full strength quickly.
Morris Claiborne should be back to full strength quickly.

Morris Claiborne has missed all of the Cowboys' offseason workouts as he recovered from offseason wrist surgery, but Clarence Hill from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram writes that Claiborne has been fully cleared for camp.

According to the Cowboys, Claiborne has been cleared to practice after missing minicamp and OTAs because of wrist surgery. He may wear a precautionary brace, but he will be full go whenever he reports to camp.

With that out of the way, that leaves only the contract situation to sort out. We saw on Sunday that Claiborne himself thinks his contract status is not something that would keep him out of camp. And the Cowboys apparently aren't concerned either. Quoting two high-ranking Cowboys sources, Hill writes that the Cowboys believe Claiborne will be signed and in camp on time.

And this is where the late start to camp may actually come in handy for the Cowboys. While the quarterbacks, rookies and injured players get a three-day headstart, the real training camp in Oxnard starts when the Cowboys veterans report to camp on July 29, the latest start of all teams drafting in the top eight in the 2012 draft. All these teams still have not signed their top draft picks. The Colts veterans report to camp on July 28, the Redskins veterans report to camp on July 25 and the remaining teams all report on July 26. By the time the Cowboys report, the other teams will very likely have reached agreements with their top draft picks, and it will hopefully be little more than a formality to get Claiborne signed.