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Morris Claiborne Is Now Officially A Dallas Cowboy

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I want to see this with Claiborne wearing a Cowboys uniform.
I want to see this with Claiborne wearing a Cowboys uniform.

Roy Lang of the Shreveport Times reports that Morris Claiborne has signed his contract with the Cowboys. The deal reportedly is a four-year contract for $16.26 million with a club option for a fifth year.

Importantly, the contract is fully guaranteed and contains no offset language, a point that had held up the signatures on the contracts of all top eight picks from this year's draft class. But the top two picks signed, also without any offset language, the deal appears to have been little more than a formality for the Cowboys and Claiborne.

That means Claiborne will be ready to participate in camp from day one.

And that's good news for Cowboys fans. Due to offseason wrist surgery, Claiborne had been unable to participate in OTAs and minicamps, and while the coaches have been complimentary about his ability to take mental reps and participate in the class room, there's no substitute for actual practice. Especially since the Cowboys' corner situation may look good on paper with Claiborne, Carr and Jenkins as starting-quality NFL corners, but Claiborne hasn't played a snap yet at an NFL level and Jenkins may start the season on the PUP.

Just a few days ago, Claiborne was fully cleared to participate in training camp. He may still wear a protective brace over his surgically repaired wrist, but that would be purely as a precaution.

With the contract done and the wrist fully cleared, nothing stands in the way of Claiborne getting ready to turn heads in the NFL.