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Mat McBriar Worked Out For Eagles, Cowboys Expected To Be Next

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Andy Reid, you just keep your hands off Mat McBriar.
Andy Reid, you just keep your hands off Mat McBriar.

Although the Dallas Cowboys are still a couple of days away from the first activities of training camp, things are starting to happen of great interest to the fans. With Morris Claiborne signing his contract and Mike Jenkins expected to report on time, there was some activity at the camp of our beloved rival, the Philadelphia Eagles, of great interest to Cowboys fans.

Former Cowboys punter Mat McBriar, who has been recovering from "drop foot", has turned up at the Philadelphia training camp, and is apparently at or very close to his old form. And the Eagles are liking what they are seeing.

Now, before you get in trouble for burning Andy Reid in effigy on your front lawn, this is not exactly a done deal. The rest of the story:

Free agent Mat McBriar, the Cowboys’ punter since 2004, will work out for the Cowboys on Tuesday, according to a source.

McBriar worked out for the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday.

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Given his ties to Dallas, and the fact that Jerry Jones will be involved if there is any competition for McBriar's services, I would expect the chances are good that he will return to Dallas rather than go over to the dark side in Philadelphia, if the Cowboys still want him.

If Dallas does want McBriar back, they certainly would not let him sign somewhere else without a fight. When he was healthy, McBriar was one of those rare punters who could be considered a weapon because of both the length of his kicks and the accuracy. He often gave the Cowboys a distinct advantage in field position with his foot, and now that said foot seems to be doing better, it is time to see about getting him back in a Cowboys uniform. Besides, I want to see Jimmy_Beast (more familiar to most here as that closet Cowboys fan, JimmyK) react to us snatching Mat out from under the Eagles' beak.