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Dez Bryant And Mother Press Conference: What Was Said About Domestic Violence Case?

Not much to say...
Not much to say...

Just a few minutes ago, Dez Bryant and his mother attended a press conference with their lawyer representation to discuss Bryant's recent arrest on misdemeanor family violence charges. Most fans were very eager to hear what Dez, and his mother, would say about the incident that occurred that led his mother to call 911. If you were one of those people, you are going to be disappointed. Dez Bryant and his mother did not speak at the very short press conference. Only their representation spoke and he read a short statement. No questions were asked and the whole thing was over within minutes.

Basically, in paraphrase form, here is what was said. A family disagreement did occur but that there was no domestic violence. Dez and his mother love and support each other, but like all families they have disagreements. They understand the serious nature of domestic violence but that when all of the facts are reviewed, he will be cleared of these charges. Angela, Bryant's mother, does not want charges to be filed, and has taken out a sworn affidavit to that effect but understands that ultimately it will be the authorities decision on pressing charges. She wants them to take her affidavit into account. Dez and his mother feel they can work together to get through this by counseling on family issues. They wish for everybody to not rush to judgement on the case until all the facts are known.

That was it. Make of it what you will.

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