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BTB At The Dallas Cowboys 2012 Training Camp

Hey BTBers,

It's July, and that means we're inching closer to the 2012 Dallas Cowboys training camp. BTB will be at training camp this year, but this time our lineup will be a little different. For the first time in six years, I will not be attending training camp. Some family responsibilities and other commitments will keep me away, but don't fear, BTB is sending two people to cover the goings-on.

This year, OCC and rabblerousr will be covering the excitement for BTB. Now, they'll be going on their own dime, so as usual, we're going to ask you, the BTB community, to help them out. We've created a PayPal account and are asking for donations to cover the expenses associated with going to, and covering, training camp. So if you can pitch in $5, $10, $20 or however much you can spare, please jump in and do it. We'll really appreciate your help!

Here's some info from OCC and rabblerousr to get you pumped up.

OCC: The distance from Frankfurt, Germany to Oxnard is 5,800 miles. If nothing else, that should probably qualify me as the guy who had the longest commute to training camp. I still need to figure out some logistics, but my aim would be to provide coverage from camp live via a twitter feed that we'll have running here on BTB during camp, and I'd add a more detailed write-up about the day's training session later in the day. I plan to focus less on how many passes Tony Romo completes, or whether Dez Bryant catches passes with one or two hands. If possible, I'd like to focus more on the question marks that I still have about the team: How's the O-line playing, and who's playing which spot; what are the rookies doing, specifically Tyrone Crawford, Kyle Wilber and Caleb McSurdy because they'll likely receive the least amount of coverage; I'd like to get a feel for how each position coach interacts with his players and more. I don't know if I'll be able to do all that, but I'll at least try.

Rabblerousr: My training camp coverage will take a page from the book of Jason (Garrett). I want to study the developmental process, focusing on how it accrues day by day: how are the coaches teaching the install to the players? How have they broken down the various personnel groups, and formations into discrete teachable units? What are their priorities—i.e., what do they teach first each day, when the players are freshest? I’ll monitor the developing depth chart, watch the bottom-of-the-roster guys, and (in that vein) try to offer regular “pet cat reports”: detailed takes on the players we’ve fallen for without ever seeing them take a snap. And, I might even contribute an occasional observation or report a funny moment on the BTB twitter stream!

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