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Cowboys Training Camp: Day 1 Review

You think Cole Beasley's a roster lock? Don't tell that to Tim Benford, one of the better stories from the first day of camp.
You think Cole Beasley's a roster lock? Don't tell that to Tim Benford, one of the better stories from the first day of camp.

The joy of training camp is upon us. Along with it, we've received live updates via twitter thanks to OCC's open threads, featuring an excellent compilation of the most informative Cowboys tweeters, all live from Oxnard.

In addition to this prime source of information, we've also been treated to an excellent first-person account of training camp from the very same OCC.

What's missing, then, from our coverage of training camp? The recaps from the other writers who were present, of course.

After the jump we'll take a look at some of the other reviews popping up from Day 1 of Camp Glory Hole.

First up, some tidbits from the wrap-up by Brandon George of The Dallas Morning News:

  • CB Teddy Williams intercepted a pass that was under-thrown by QB Stephen McGee.
  • Romo. . .was right on target throughout most of the two-hour practice for veterans.
  • WR Dez Bryant had a great first day of practice.
  • Undrafted rookie OG Ronald Leary was replaced during team drills after a false start.
  • Brandon Carr. . .showed how good he is in press coverage.
  • Cole Beasley (SMU) continued to turn heads.
  • Dan Bailey. . .was a perfect 6-for-6 on field-goal attempts.
  • Saalim Hakim got behind the defense. . .and showed his speed down the sideline by beating everyone to the end zone.

Be sure to check out the entire piece for more details. What stands out to me is the fact that previous no-shows are now making plays, with Williams coming away with an interception, and Hakim a touchdown (both throws were by McGee, so adjust expectations accordingly). Additionally, the no-tolerance policy for penalties by offensive lineman was impressive, if only because the Cowboys are the team least favored by NFL officiating.

The next review was written by Clarence Hill of the Star-Telegram, and features a list of seven things that stood out to him at practice. Here's his first (check out the article for more):

Keep an eye on rookie receiver Tim Benford. He had a strong rookie training camp and looked good on Monday, catching everything that came his way. Cole Beasley has gotten a lot of attention among the young guys and he should for his eye-opening play but Benford has been every bit as good if not better.

If you forgot who Tim Benford was (or never knew), you can refresh your memory by reading an article I wrote about him back in May. He's always had the potential, so I'm glad to see him pop back onto the radar.

Bryan Broaddus offers up some thoughts on the first day, including the battle between Brandon Carr and Dez Bryant.

Thought Brandon Carr had an interesting practice today. When he can get his hands on the receiver, he is outstanding. There were plenty of opportunities when he had to face Dez Bryant and there were good battles on both sides of the ball. When Carr struggled the most is when the routes went inside and had to carry the receiver across the formation. Bryant ran a “4” against Carr, who was unable to keep up. Carr didn’t have the burst to run with Bryant nor did he later in the period when Ogletree ran the same route and got separation. There doesn’t seem to be an issue with Carr going up the field, but carrying routes across just got my attention.

The Dez and Carr battles are something I really want to see on video.

Finally, we end our tour with a stop over at ESPN Dallas to check out Tim MacMahon's play of the day:

The highlight of Bryant's impressive day -- and the entire practice, for that matter -- came when he effortlessly adjusted to snatch a Tony Romo pass that was thrown well behind him on the crossing route.

Bryant showed rare body control by managing to barely break stride while turning his torso to snare the ball with both hands.

Bryant's dedication this offseason is clearly paying dividends in early camp battles. His knowledge of the route tree seems dramatically improved, and his previously excellent quickness and body control have improved dramatically.

Hope you enjoyed the news round-up (I certainly enjoyed reading it all). Now, onto the real task of the day - passing time until practice starts.

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