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What's Happening With The Cowboys' NFC East Rivals

Here's one thing that's NOT going on with the other NFC East teams. They are all Cowboys.
Here's one thing that's NOT going on with the other NFC East teams. They are all Cowboys.

While we are focused relentlessly on all things Dallas Cowboys here at Blogging The Boys, we also try to keep our readers appraised of events elsewhere in the NFL that can affect Dallas. Training camps are going on all over the league, but the most impactful ones are those of our NFC East rivals, the New York Giants, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Washington Redskins.

At this point in the pre-season, there are not many things that mean a great deal, since the optimism is high and everyone is guilty of some wistful thinking. Or, to look at it another way, this Tweet applies for all.

However, there is one thing that is not good that comes out of camp, and that is injuries. The bug is already rearing its ugly head at the other teams in the division.

The Giants have seen cornerback Terrell Thomas, who lost the 2011 season to a torn ACL, go down with what may be another one. Surgery will determine if this is the third for him, including his college career.

If the surgery reveals another tear, Thomas' NFL career could be over. No player has ever made it back from three torn ACLs to the same knee. Even if the damage is not that severe, you have to think it will be a long while before Thomas plays in an NFL game again.

- Ed Valentine | Big Blue View

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Injury is not the only thing that can keep players off the field, of course. While Dallas fans are worried about the potential of Dez Bryant getting suspended, New York has already gotten some bad news.

The New York Giants secondary has taken another hit with reports on Tuesday that safety Tyler Sash has been suspended by the league for violating the league performance-enhancing drug policy.

- Ed Valentine | Big Blue View

Sash will miss the first four games. He made a statement that the drug he tested positive for, Adderall, was a prescription anti-anxiety medication administered under his physician's care, but that does not seem to matter with the league.

This does not help the Giants' secondary issues. They will need some players to step up early. And, given that the Cowboys are the opening game opponent, this could have a big impact on Jason Garrett's game plan. "Could", as in you know it will.

Over at the Eagles' training camp, the unit taking the most damage is the wide receiving corps. Riley Cooper fractured his collarbone, will have surgery, and is expected to miss six weeks, which means he might make it back for the first week of the season. Then Ron Johnson, who was trying to earn a roster spot, broke his ankle. To take his spot, Philly signed Andrew Brewer, a 6'3" UDFA out of Northwestern.

In addition to the wideouts, DE Jason Babin is expected to miss two to three weeks with a calf strain. He will likely be fine by the time the season starts.

The Redskins are like the Giants, already being hammered by ACL injuries. Linebacker Jonathan Goff, a former Giant, tore his and has been released. The team is also trying to figure out its offensive right tackle situation. Their starter, Jammal Brown, has a hip injury, and his backup, Willie Smith, suffered what was called a minor knee injury over at Hogs Haven. They signed 32 year-old Jordan Black, but the writers don't sound too optimistic.

At this point Black cannot be looked at as any more as camp fodder and the Skins may continue to look for a a right tackle solution elsewhere.

- Redskins News | Hogs Haven

And on the left side of their offensive line, starting guard Kory Lichtensteiger had arthroscopic surgery to remove some cartilage from his knee. He is likely to miss most or all of the pre-season. It looks like Robert Griffin III may need all his mobility to stay upright with what may be a bit of a patchwork line in front of him, and that is just in the pre-season games. Even once the starters are back in place on his line, they may have some bumpy moments after the injury issues.

Dallas' rivals all started camp a few days before the Cowboys, so they have had more time for the injuries to crop up. And that is all I am saying about that, except to reiterate that my new pet cats are now Eli Manning, Michael Vick, and Robert Griffin III.


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