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Which Non-NFC East Team Do You Like The Least?

Cowboys vs. 49ers usually gets fans a little more excited than other non-divisional games.
Cowboys vs. 49ers usually gets fans a little more excited than other non-divisional games.

Yesterday we asked you which NFC East team you like the least. The poll results results show that the Eagles are currently the most disliked team among Cowboys fans by far, but the Giants and Redskins also got some votes. Every one of us has a story about a divisional rival and why that particular team is so deserving of our scorn.

But what about teams outside of the division? Which ones do you feel particularly strongly about?

Would it be teams like the 49ers or Steelers, with whom the Cowboys have long had rivalries? Or would it be the Saints or Packers because they've been more successful in recent years? Perhaps your dislike for a particular team is based on a single player like Tim Tebow, Philip Rivers or Tom Brady. Maybe it's the fan base of a team that you find particularly insufferable. You may even dislike a team for no obvious or rational reason at all. But that's okay. They're not selling rational in the store we're shopping at today.

For me, anytime a team gets too full of itself, that's the team I root against. Because I love nothing more than some good old Schadenfreude - a malicious delight in other peoples' misfortunes. The Jets are Non-NFC East team I root against the most. The Jets are overrated, overhyped and wear green uniforms. I hate the Jets, Tom Brady hates the Jets and so should you.

When you accidentally turn on ESPN these days, you'd think that the New York Jets are the only team in training camp this year. Then you flip channels to NFL Network and you get ... the Jets!

There is nothing more off-putting in a team or a person than being cocky despite not being good at what you do. The last (and only time) the Jets made the Super Bowl, Richard Nixon was still President and I wasn't even born yet. And it'll be a while before the Jets are good again. Their solution to last year's problems? Playing with not just one but two thoroughly mediocre quarterbacks! Gotta love that front office. And right on cue, Peter Schrager of Foxsports published the following article yesterday: "Jets become NFL's laughingstock."

Having said all that, the Lions are making a strong push to become my most disliked team, largely on the strength of their utterly insufferable head coach.

Now that I've gotten that off my back, which non-division team do you like the least?

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