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Cowboys Injury News: Jason Witten Potentially Out For All Preseason

The injury bug has bitten Jason Witten...
The injury bug has bitten Jason Witten...

Well, dang. Just when we thought we got through the first preseason game with one injury to a reserve, comes the news that none of us want to hear. Jason Witten is rumored to have a spleen injury and is going to miss the rest of the preseason. And that's about as good as it gets because we really don't know if he'll be back for the first game, or if the injury is more serious. From the mothership:

Tight end Jason Witten potentially could be out for some time, possibly the rest of the preseason with an abdominal injury he suffered in the Oakland game Monday night.

Witten did play another series after sustaining a big hit to the midsection, but after getting an MRI and further examinations Tuesday morning, it appears he will miss considerable time. Like with all key players, the Cowboys are solely focused on getting Witten ready for the Sept. 5 regular season opener against the Giants at the Meadowlands.


At least with Witten, you don't have to worry too much about him missing the preseason. He and Tony Romo have their timing down to a science, and you never have to worry about Witten being ready and prepared.

Now, what we do have to worry about is if this turns into something longer than just missing the preseason. The season-opener against the Giants is an early one, so let's cross our fingers that Witten will be there.

This injury does cause some problems for the preseason. Dallas was already short at tight end with the injury to John Phillips, so they'll need to add some help to get through these exhibition games. Also, James Hanna, you are being handed a golden opportunity to show that you belong in the NFL and can excel, go get it.

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