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Cowboys Training Camp Open Thread And Twitter Feed - 8/16/12

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The Cowboys are conducting their final practice in Oxnard today. There'll be a walkthrough tomorrow morning, and then the team departs to San Diego for the game against the Chargers. It's hard to believe, but today's practice is only the 13th afternoon practice of training camp this year.

There are now three preseason games left to get the Cowboys better prepared for the start of the regular season. Brandon Carr sees an opportunity in this: "I like the preseason, especially in the position that I’m in now. I get a chance to get a feel for my teammates in live game action, get a feel for the coaches, how they coach and how they call plays. For me, it’s an opportunity to go out there and brush up my skills and get ready for Sept. 5."

Follow what's happening in Oxnard via the Twitter feed below, and you use this post as an open thread for any Cowboys related topic during the afternoon practice practice.

That's it from Oxnard for the year.