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Cowboys vs. Chargers: TV/Radio Schedule Info, Recent History

One of my favorite highlights from last year's pre-season game with the San Diego Chargers.
One of my favorite highlights from last year's pre-season game with the San Diego Chargers.

The Dallas Cowboys square off against the San Diego Chargers in a pivotal matchup at Qualcomm Stadium!

OK. It is the second pre-season game, and there is very little pivotal about it, but if you are a Dallas Cowboys fan, you are probably planning on being glued to the television screen, with BTB on your laptop and Twitter feeds on your smart phone.

Of course, that is if you can find a broadcast. Well, here is a link to a list of TV stations carrying all games and you can find a snapshot for the Cowboys-Chargers tilt after the jump. That will cover most of you.

And if you aren't near a TV and want to listen to the game (or like to turn the sound down on the tube and listen to the radio coverage), here is the Dallas Cowboys radio network listing for you.

This is all well and good for those in the broadcast areas. In the era of cable, satellite TV, and the interwebbies, there is also hope for those of you outside the coverage of the stations listed above. If you have the NFL Network, you can see the game on a one hour broadcast delay.

[Editor's Update: This online station has said in the comments section of their Preseason Cowboys page that they will NOT be webcasting the game today]

But there is one station (in Albequerque, of all places) you might want to know about. If you go to the KASY MyTV website, they will stream the game live and completely legal for your computer viewing enjoyment. This is only available for the remaining pre-season games, but that is the time when watching the 'Boys is most difficult. You can also stream the radio broadcast from several of the stations mentioned as a fallback. Ain't technology grand?


Cowboys broadcast: Chargers broadcast:
(Bill Jones, Babe Laufenberg) (Dan Fouts, Billy Ray Smith)
KTVT 11 (CBS; Dallas) KRBC 9 (NBC; Abilene) KFMB 8 (CBS; San Diego) - tape delay
KMYS 35 (MyTV; San Antonio) KWES 9 (NBC; Odessa) KCBS 2 (CBS; Los Angeles) - tape delay
KEYE 42 (CBS; Austin) KMYL 14 (MyTV; Lubbock) KLAS 8 (CBS; Las Vegas)
KWKT 44 (FOX; Waco) KCIT 14 (FOX; Amarillo) KPSP 2 (CBS; Palm Springs) - tape delay
KJTL 18 (FOX; Wichita Falls TX) KFOX 14 (FOX; El Paso) KBFX 58 (FOX; Bakersfield)
KTEN 10.3 (ABC; Sherman TX) KOCB 34 (CW; Oklahoma City) KKFX 11 (FOX; Santa Barbara)
KFXK 51 (FOX; Tyler TX) KOTV 6 (CBS; Tulsa) KGMB 9 (CBS; Honolulu)
KBTV 4 (FOX; Beaumont) KARK 4 (NBC; Little Rock)
KVCT 19 (FOX; Victoria TX) KFTA 24 (FOX; Fayetteville AR)
KRIS 6 (NBC; Corpus Christi) KTAL 6 (NBC; Shreveport LA)
KRGV 5 (ABC; Harlingen) KARD 14 (FOX; Monroe LA)
KVTV 13 (CBS; Laredo) KASY 50 (MyTV; Albuquerque)
KSAN 3 (NBC; San Angelo)

One word of caution: Please do not put up links to the various other websites that stream the broadcasts. There are some serious legal issues involved in that (most of the sites originate overseas and there are all kinds of copyright issues and such). While I have always been a little mystified as to why having some additional eyeballs watching your advertising is a bad thing, even if they are on the other side of the world, the broadcast networks and stations are still wrestling with the issue (except for NBC, who seems happy to put the Sunday night games up on the web, probably since they are national anyway). But if you promote those other sites, it is conceivable that BTB could be held liable, and even get shut down. So don't do it.


Dallas and San Diego don't exactly have an extensive regular season history, but possibly due to the Oxnard connection, they seem to like getting together in the pre-season. They played the last two years, and have met a total of fourteen times. Also, Jason Garrett and Norv Turner have a pretty long history, and the teams plan to scrimmage against each other in the week after the game.

And, of course, pre-season records mean diddly. The main thing to know is that the Bolts come into the game with far fewer injury issues. There only issue is at running back, where a broken clavicle is going to keep Ryan Matthews out of the game and lead to a likely by-committee approach. The big issue for Dallas will be how the offensive line holds up against the Chargers' defense, and how Rob Ryan and his defense stand up to Philip Rivers. Other than that, your best bet for getting something out of the game is to focus on some individual performances. It may get kind of ugly out there before it is done, and the best outcome for the Cowboys is a few good plays early on and no more injuries. Then it is a few days to work against the Chargers, and back home to Dallas.


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