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[Breaking News] Dallas Cowboys Waive Justin Taplin-Ross, Have Two Vacancies

Jason Garrett chops another player from the roster.
Jason Garrett chops another player from the roster.

The Dallas Cowboys have waived another player. Cornerback Justin Taplin-Ross has been cut from the team.

With the release earlier this week of running back Ed Wesley, the team now has two available positions on the 90 man pre-season roster. Since the first required cut to 80 is not until August 28, the team may be planning on bringing some more players in. Speculation is rife that they may look for a veteran wide receiver or center to give them more options.

However, at this point, there are not many available, quality names out there. Logic would seem to dictate that the team would want to see who is available on August 31, when the final cut to 53 is made league-wide. Unless the team has someone in mind they think is very undervalued, any players brought in at this point would most likely just be camp bodies to keep practice and pre-season at full strength.

That may happen, of course, but it also may just be that the team is making calls now on who is not useful to the team, and leaving itself some room to maneuver when better options come open. It is interesting that this happened while the team is in San Diego to practice with the Chargers, the team Laurent Robinson came from. Perhaps Norv Turner, who has close ties to Jason Garrett, is going to turn someone loose that he feels he has no room for and that Garrett has his eyes on. That, of course, is speculative in the extreme and seems a bit above and beyond even for two close friends in the cutthroat world of the NFL.

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One way or another, the latest departures show that Garrett and his staff are not very willing to waste coaching time on players that offer nothing for the team. It also leaves one less player to think about the next time you play around with your own ideas for the final 53.


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