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BTB 'Fear The Star' Fantasy Football Update: Invites Have Been Sent!

You went from UDFA to one of the 22... now, what's your strategy going to be come draft day?
You went from UDFA to one of the 22... now, what's your strategy going to be come draft day?

We're looking forward to another great year of fantasy football fanaticism here on BTB. As was noted last week, I am re-upping the four "official" BTB leagues on Yahoo! from last year. Thanks to those of you that signed up for the random selection; the response was outstanding. There were 80+ people that signed up.

The selections have been made, and the four Fear The Star league assignments have been completed. Now, if you weren't selected for one of the four leagues, do not fret. Although it will not be considered an official BTB league or tracked during the season by me; you can still compete with your fellow BTB brethren. Organize yourselves in the comment sections and see if there is someone willing to start up a league. If you want to mirror our scoring and setting, just check on the original post for those items.

The only non Fear The Star League that will be tracked is the BTB Keeper League being run by Becho (of which I won last year haha). Trust me, it's a lot of work keeping all of this stuff together and combined with the pay league I'm in; I've reached my limit and it's nothing personal.

The invite emails have been sent out; however I believe that many of them have landed in your junk/bulk email folders. Check there (the email would have been sent last night, 7/31 around 11pm eastern from either onelifedesigns @ or kd @ onelifedc.c0m) Follow the jump to see if you were selected!

Fear The Star Premier Owner Fear The Star Reloaded Owner Fear The Star Revolutions Owner Fear The Star Animatrix Owner
COMMISH KD COMMISH Tarheel Paul COMMISH Cowboys_Attack COMMISH Sean Da Mon
2 Archie 2 @Tonekupone 2 mikhaili 2 gainedm
3 Dave 3 mho 3 jerryw 3 xailin
4 Magic 4 fergie3108 4 D_Carter 4 Walket10
5 Road Warrior 5 oh hai doggy 5 Sado44 5 smashmouth9473
6 I Am Ironman! 6 tuna helper 6 cjs.93 6 jrduncans
7 The Bigham 7 Baked Potato Soup 7 SoCal Cowboys 7 wil1434
8 Crowboy 8 cwby4lf 8 dcfnlv 8 kmur35t
9 wheatie_87 9 Lissyyyyy 9 NobodyEstimates RomosDesire 9 BlueFlash
10 Static 10 Trueblue122 10 GordBeri 10 poolman87
11 football mensa 11 DaJugganot 11 eightball 11 mehrans9
12 CotySaxman 12 Blue Eyed Devil 12 Masada 12 boysfanintheburg

Any questions, email me at And when I say any questions, that doesn't include "Hey, I missed out, do you have any slots still available?"

Invitations have to be accepted by midnight August 7th. If not, at that time the password to the league will be changed and I will randomly select replacements from the pool of candidates.

Once again, thank you for your participation. Remember, all leagues draft at the same time: Tuesday night, August 28th at 8pm Eastern time. Go Cowboys!

Yahoo! Fantasy Football supports and fantasy league families everywhere. In addition to the great drafting, trading, scoring and research that makes it the #1 free fantasy football game, this season also features a brand new mobile app and Pro Leagues, where you can compete for cash! Get ready for kickoff by signing up now!

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