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Did Jerry Jones Pursue Tim Tebow?

Did Jerry Jones have a change of heart on Tim Tebow?
Did Jerry Jones have a change of heart on Tim Tebow?

Jerry Jones has been very active this week in Oxnard, California. Jerry has talked about everything from beating the Giants to Dez Bryant, but now Jerry has been discussing Tim Tebow with the media. It wasn't too long ago when Jerry was caught on tape saying that Tebow would never see the field in Dallas, but apparently Jerry wouldn't say yes or no about whether he attempted to trade for Tebow this spring.

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Mike Florio of recently took part in an interview with Jerry Jones on the Dan Patrick Show. For the full interview, go to this link. Florio suggests that with Jerry passing on giving a straight answer, it's possible that Jerry may have inquired about the services for Tim Tebow.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wouldn’t comment on whether he tried to pull of a trade for Tebow. Which possibly means that Jones did.

"I’m not going to give you a straight answer," Jones told me earlier today on The Dan Patrick Show.

If Jerry wasn't interested in bringing Tebow to Dallas, wouldn't he just say no? Jerry is a smart business man and Tebow would have been a great marketing piece for the Dallas Cowboys. From a pure football standpoint, I don't know if it would have made a lot of sense. The Cowboys signed Kyle Orton on March 14th, right around the same time Tebow was traded to the Jets for a fourth- and a sixth-round draft pick.

Jerry has been very vocal since training camp has opened. It may be time for him to take a step back from the media and just focus on staying out of the news for a few days. Well that is what I would do, so I doubt Jerry changes his ways anytime soon.

So BTB nation, did Jerry Jones inquire for the services of Tim Tebow? If so, should he have made the move to bring in Tebow? Have at it in the comment section.

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