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Cowboys / Chargers Joint Practice Open Thread And Twitter Feed - 8/21/12

The Cowboys are conducting their second and final practice with the Chargers in San Diego today. The next practice will be on Thursday afternoon at Cowboys Stadium. If you're living anywhere near Dallas, that's your chance to go see the Cowboys.

The Cowboys will hold an Open Practice at 4:30 pm CT on Thursday. Admission is free but there will be a $10 charge for parking. Parking lots open at 2:30 pm and stadium entry is at 3:30 pm. For DFW-area residents, this will be the only opportunity to see the team practice this offseason, and if you haven't gotten around to visiting the Stadium yet (normally it's $20 for the Stadium Tour) Thursday is your chance.

For today's joint practice with the Chargers, we've added a couple of Chargers beat writers to our Twitter feed below, for you to better follow what's going on in San Diego. Use this post as an open thread for any Cowboys related topic during today's practice.

The Cowboys have a day off on Wednesday.

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