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Dallas Cowboys 2012 Season Preview - eBook Only $.99 From Blogging The Boys

Praise the Lord, a Cowboys preview magazine!
Praise the Lord, a Cowboys preview magazine!

Hello BTB Community,

Got some bad news/good news for you. The bad news - the Cowboys preview magazine we used to do with Maple Street Press is no longer an on-going concern. MSP as a company folded, taking the BTB produced print mag down with it. But there is good news. SB Nation and Blogging The Boys have created a new one in electronic format.

The even better news, it's only 99 cents for this inaugural run! Can you spare a buck for the cause? If we can show interest for this type of thing, SB Nation will continue to make them and next year's will be a much bigger production. This is our first time at this, so the book is a little rough around the edges, and we also had a very short window to produce it in - but it's only a buck! 263 pages with photos at that price is a bargain.

We are initially launching on Apple so you can get it on iTunes. Later, we'll be releasing a Kindle version, once that's available I'll definitely let you guys know.

Buy it here.

More below...

If you don't have either an iPad or iPhone, or a Kindle, we won't be able to sell you this edition. We'll be looking at how to broaden our reach, and that can only happen if we have some good success with this initial run. So if you can, help us out.

This electronic preview contains articles from all the writers here at BTB, and I spent the time to edit it. So it's just like the previous ones we did in print version 2009-2011. But we're only charging a buck. This is an experiment for SB Nation and if we can prove we can sell them, we'll be able to do a lot more. Even produce them in mid-season or after the season. Maybe even do one covering the draft and free agency in the offseason. And think about what we'll be able to do if we win the Super Bowl.

In this preview, we look at the roster, all the opponents on our schedule, and predict how the whole league will shake out. We also have separate pieces on Tony Romo, Tyron Smith and Morris Claiborne. Of course we cover the draft picks and free agency, plus a whole lot more.

So if you have an iPad or iPhone, spare a buck and get your copy. If you got a Kindle, keep an eye out and we'll have your version ready soon.

Buy it here.

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