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Report: Cowboys' Jason Witten Won’t Need Surgery

Jason Witten won't need surgery on his lacerated spleen.
Jason Witten won't need surgery on his lacerated spleen.

When reports surfaced last week that Jason Witten was in a hospital with a possible spleen injury, Cowboys Nation collectively stopped breathing. It was soon revealed that Witten's injury was 'just' a lacerated spleen, and internet sites featuring "lacerated spleen" on their pages experienced a sudden and unexpected surge in traffic. What Cowboys fans read on those pages didn't prove to be particularly reassuring, but word soon emerged that Witten needed to remain idle for a week to ten days, after which a determination would be made about whether that laceration would heal by itself or whether surgery was needed.

That idle time appears to have been up today, and per a report from Adam Schefter, Witten won’t need surgery:

Dallas Cowboys doctors informed tight end Jason Witten he will not need spleen surgery that would have ended his season, according to a source familiar with the situation.

The bleeding in Witten's spleen has subsided, and doctors believe it now will heal on its own.

Schefter also writes that Witten is likely to miss the season opener against against the Giants on Sept. 5, but he's likely to be back for the second game of the season against the Seahawks.

Cowboys fans everywhere just started breathing again.

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