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Dallas Cowboys 2012 Season Preview - $.99 eBook Now Available To All

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Dallascowboys-ebook-cover-120801_medium Yesterday we introduced the Dallas Cowboys 2012 Season Preview book created through partnership of SB Nation and Blogging The Boys. That announcement only covered the launch of the preview on the Apple platform. Now, the book is available for the Kindle on Amazon.

And in a bonus that I didn't know about yesterday, this version can also be read on your computer without the aid of a tablet. Just go and get the Kindle Cloud Reader and you can check out the book in a web browser! Now everyone can get the book.

So let's recap. A Dallas Cowboys 2012 Season Preview, written by all the fine authors here at BTB, for only 99 cents, available to anybody who wants it. That's a great deal!

As I mentioned yesterday, this is a test run for electronic books produced by SB Nation and Blogging The Boys. So the more we can sell, the better chance we'll have of producing these on a regular basis. Chip in a buck for the cause!

Also, we'd love for anybody who has read it to add a review on iTunes or Amazon. Hopefully it will be a positive one with 5 stars - although any opinion is welcome.

Buy it here on iTunes iBookstore.

Buy it here on Amazon.

And don't forget to get the Kindle Cloud Reader for reading it in a web browser.

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