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Preview Of Dallas Cowboys Three Pivotal Regular Season Road Games [Video]

Not really related to this post, but this is a great freakin' pic of the new Dallas Cowboys defense.
Not really related to this post, but this is a great freakin' pic of the new Dallas Cowboys defense.

Nothing tests a team's mettle then having to pack up their gear and hit the road to face an opponent that gets to lounge around their own homes in underoos while eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Being able to navigate an NFL road trip is a key component to an team being a viable candidate for post season inclusion.

Do the Cowboys have what it takes to head out of town and return to Valley Ranch with skins for the wall?

Our latest SB Nation wide video project takes us on a few trips to the eastern time zone as I take an overview to what I believe will be the three most pivotal road game Dallas will face this season. Now obviously, no one can truly predict which games on the schedule will end up being the most important, the most crucial. What I did was attempt to select the tree toughest road trips that Dallas will adjourn to in a search for their feel-good return flights.

I must provide a bit of a caveat before you view. The video was recorded two weeks ago; a full four days before the opening preseason tilt against the Oakland Raiders. Think of how much has happened since then. The O-Line still has yet to practice as intended; Witten's Spleen, Dez's Knee and Austin's Hammy have them all shelved until Week One at the earliest, plus numerous other developments (including some positives).

Fortunately, 95% of the video would be unchanged even knowing those things like we do now. It's an overview of things I know I know, plus things I think will develop as the season progresses. So follow the jump, sit back and share six minutes of your life with me and the crack-staff of SBNation video production.

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