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Source: Jason Witten A Game-Time Decision For Season Opener Vs. Giants

Jason Witten could be ready to stiffarm more Giants in a week's time.
Jason Witten could be ready to stiffarm more Giants in a week's time.

Jason Witten had a doctor's appointment yesterday to determine the status of his injured spleen. Josh Ellis of writes today that a source familiar with Witten's progress indicated Witten "will be a game-time decision for next week’s NFL Kickoff game at New York."

That's great news for Cowboys fans, and bad news for Giants supporters, but is three weeks really enough time for a lacerated spleen to heal sufficiently? Witten sustained the injury on August 13, so expecting a full recovery by September 5 does seem awfully fast. Stephen Jones was predictably a little more circumspect in his assessment of Witten's chances to play in the season opener:

"I don’t think we’ve determined that yet," Jones said. "It’s something that is ongoing."

Stephen Jones did rule out that Jason Witten would require surgery, but pointed out that Witten would have a follow-up appointment next week that would provide further clarity on his status for the Giants game. In the meantime though, Witten's 'idle' time looks to be over, starting tomorrow:

"(Witten) will do some good work on the field in the next few days," Jones said. "No contact, but work to max-out his body."

Regardless of whether he'll end up playing next Wednesday or not, the good news is that Witten appears to be recovering faster than initially anticipated, when his recovery time was set at between four and six weeks.

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