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Dallas Cowboys Expectations: Early Returns On Camp Battles Plus NFC East Storylines

Tim Benford has played training camp's opening week as if he's upset about not being included in my top competitors for the third wideout position on the depth chart.
Tim Benford has played training camp's opening week as if he's upset about not being included in my top competitors for the third wideout position on the depth chart.

A little over a week ago, I recorded a video detailing what I believed were the Top Five Battles/Storylines for the Dallas Cowboys entering the 2012 Training Camp. We are now knee-deep into the action and while we may not be close to calling a winner in the races, we at least have some early indications as to how things are progressing.

For instance, my number four topic was "Mike Jenkins Trade Demands". Well, Jenkins finally decided to talk to reporters and cleared up (muddied?) many things that had been floating around about him. For one, he claims that the request for a trade never came from his mouth; leaving open the possibility that the request came from his agent if one wants to think along those lines.

Jenkins also cleared up the talk about him having to throw underhand and not being able to lift his arm above his head. Jenks is left-handed, and the underarm throws were made with his right arm; not the one operated on. Jenkins says he has complete range of motion and is hoping to be cleared to begin practice when he visits Dr. James Andrews next Monday.

For more on the camp battles, plus a chance to rewatch the video and sneak a peak at two of our rivals, make the jump.

If you haven't watched, or need a refresher, take a look at the Top Five Camp Battles, according to me before camp kicked off.

No. 5 - The Inside Linebacker competition; the two competitors have split the reps almost evenly so far in camp.

No. 4 - Covered before the break

No. 3 - The battle for the free safety position has been a one-man show so far in camp as Brodney Pool (failed conditioning test) and Matt Johnson (hamstring recovery) haven't made their way onto the practice field yet. Expect them to soon, or Barry Church might lock himself in as he continues his impressive work.

No. 2 - The interior offensive line battle has taken a backseat to an episode of Nurse Jackie. Mackenzy Bernadeau and Kevin Kowalski started off on the Active PUP list. On the first day of camp, backup C/G Bill Nagy suffered a high ankle sprain that will keep him out at least 2-4 weeks if not longer. On the third day of camp, projected LG starter Nate Livings hyperextended his knee. Forget a camp battle, the Cowboys need bodies just to continue camp. Montrae Holland, Daniel Loper and Derrick Dockery worked out for Dallas recently though none have been signed yet.

No. 1 - To say there is a leader for the third receiver slot would seem a bit disingenuous at this point. Tim Benford has had the most consistent camp while Dwayne Harris has also done a lot of what he was supposed to. Andre Holmes failing his conditioning test has kept him from practicing yet, but he still might have the inside track. Danny Coale has yet to practice and Cole Beasley is making plays though showing very little special teams value. This looks like a dogfight until the end of camp; or at least until a veteran is brought in.


The SB Nation family managed to produce videos for two of our division rivals as well as BGN and Hogs Haven have checked in (BBV opted out). You guys know how I feel about keeping up with the competition; it's a must. Who wants to get into an argument with a rival's fan and not know jack about anything other than your team? Not I.

Here's a look at their entries into the video realm.




There's also a gang of other videos that you can watch on some of the other NFL teams. Have a look around at some of the work being turned in by some of SBN's other NFL blogs.

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