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[Breaking News] Cole Beasley Reportedly Quitting Cowboys For Personal Reasons

There is one less option to throw to with the departure of early favorite Cole Beasley.
There is one less option to throw to with the departure of early favorite Cole Beasley.

It has been reported from Oxnard that rookie UDFA wide receiver Cole Beasley is leaving the Dallas Cowboys for undisclosed personal reasons. The news is disappointing to many who were excited by his route running and sure hands. He had been very exciting so far, and the only negative was his apparent lack of abliity as a special teams player.

While his small size always made Beasley a long shot, he was forcing himself into the conversation at wide receiver. He took advantage of the injury to Danny Coale to fill the role Coale was drafted for during the off-season and the early camp practices. He also got some more reps when Andre Holmes failed the conditioning test and had to spend time on the remedial running crew.

Holmes has returned to practice, although he had a rough day on Friday in the fourth practice session, and it looks like Coale may have passed his own conditioning run and is about to be cleared for practice. This also opens a door for Tim Benford, who has been reported to be having a very similar camp to Beasley, but under the radar.

While it is difficult for most of us to imagine just walking away from the Star, it is also hard to understand just what demands an NFL career makes on a man, physically and mentally. In the long run, if he does not have his heart in the game, then it is best Cole Beasley find another place for himself.

In other breaking news, the Cowboys are reported to have reached terms with guards Derrick Dockery and Daniel Loper. They tried out for the team ealier today, along with Montrae Holland. While Holland was reported to have had the best workout of the three, he and the team have not been able to agree on money. Holland is apparently asking for some more, and it is understandable. The negotiations are reportedly still ongoing.

[Additional update 7:47 pm CDT]

Jason Garrett also stated that Morris Claiborne is getting an exam of his knee.

Garrett also called it a "tweak", so it doesn't sound too bad.


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