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Change Of Heart: Cole Beasley To Rejoin Cowboys Today After Walking Away

From "no mas" to "no problem"? WR Cole Beasley decided that the above scene would not be too much for him to handle.
From "no mas" to "no problem"? WR Cole Beasley decided that the above scene would not be too much for him to handle.

Cole Beasley is returning to the Dallas Cowboys. According to multiple reports, Beasley has changed his mind about walking away from a chance at a professional football career and is rejoining the team in Oxnard, California.

It was only a few days ago that Beasley was informing the team that his heart wasn't in football and that he would no longer be pursuing a career. This came as a bit of strange news; the diminutive 5'8" 174 lb. receiver had already forced himself into the conversation for the Cowboys depth chart at wideout. Beasley had shown a great ability to find open space in between defenders and catch everything that was thrown to him. His biggest difficulty appeared to be special teams, as he had a very rough time fielding punts and reportedly stood no chance playing on any coverage units.

Garrett placed Beasley on the exempt/left squad list and kept the door open for his return; although Stephen Jones had recently indicated that the team had "moved on". The Cowboys were left a bit thin at wide receiver after UDFA Salim Hakim dislocated a finger and is expected to be out for a week at least. With Beasley gone, the Cowboys went the free agent route and signed David Little; then turned around and accepted Beasley back.


Beasley will participate in today's Blue-White Scrimmage held at Oxnard. This means that the Cowboys will have to release a player to make room on the roster for the wideout. With Little's (Midwestern State) addition, as well running back Javarris Williams (Tenn State) to help offset the loss of Phillip Tanner and Lance Dunbar, the Cowboys will release two more players this evening. There has been no word as of yet to whom those cuts will be. Most likely, the scrimmage will determine the fates of a handful of churn contenders.

There is a huge question as to how someone could say his heart wasn't in football just 48 hours ago and now all of a sudden he is ready to resume his career. Personally, I'd have serious questions as to whether this would be the type of player I could count on, but at the same time receiver is probably the most individual position there is on the field.

Still, you have to wonder, how much his heart will be in it when he has to throw a cut block to seal the edge and keep DeMarco Murray from getting decapitated.

Per the custom, I took the news to Twitter to gauge the reaction from several Cowboys fans on how they think Beasley's teammates would react to his return. Obviously the guy getting cut isn't going to be too pleased; it appears that will be undrafted free agent OLB Aston Whiteside. Here's a snapshot of some of the responses:

@jmateo69: dont want him back. But wish him well...

@Dec1968: Blast him at practice and throttle him with physicality. Test his resolve. Parcells would eat him alive for breakfast.

@GregRector1: Wouldn't be a concern.There to compete for a job.Most won't care one way or another.

@88JDG94: Cowboys have had a Super Bowl MVP who wanted to quit in his rookie training camp. This kid works hard and runs good routes.

@PSinNYC: put him on wedge on kick returns

@Sheesh1097: Will the next time things get too tough for him be during a game? Huge red flag for me!!

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