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Source Say Cowboys, Burress Talk; Cowboys Say Not So Fast My Friend

This is NOT the Plaxico Burress they'd be signing.
This is NOT the Plaxico Burress they'd be signing.

For the last few days, the local Dallas media has been drumming up discussion of whether or not the Cowboys need to reach out to free agent wideout Plaxico Burress. Today, that talk led to a bit of confusion as to whether or not the two sides have contacted each other. Well, not exactly confusion, per se; it's more like some parties are trying to make things appear much more developed than they seem to be.

As we are all aware, Dallas does not have much experienced depth behind their top two receivers Miles Austin and Dez Bryant. Both have a bit of an injury history, and with there still being a possibility that Bryant could face some sort of league suspension there is a growing sentiment that Dallas needs to reach out to the veteran receiver. Today, the infamous "source" reared it's head and said that the Cowboys and Burress have talked (per ESPN's Calvin Watkins), but nothing was imminent.

The Dallas Cowboys have held preliminary discussions with Drew Rosenhaus, the agent for Plaxico Burress, about signing the free-agent wide receiver, according to a source.

Here's what we need to remember. Whether or not the Cowboys have actually taken part in meaningful discussions with Burress' side has not been stated. Define "preliminary discussions"... don't worry, I'll wait. This could have meant anything from mapping out a contract to Burress' agent, Drew Rosenhaus, calling the Cowboys to see if there was any flame to the media-wafted smoke.

Knowing the ways that Rosenhaus loves to use the media, plus how mentioning the Cowboys with any prospect drives up national talk; which side would you bet on?

I'm not saying that there's no chance Dallas looks to Burress to add depth to their depth chart. For now though, the Dallas brass is saying 'no bueno' to the speculation.

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Cowboys VP Stephen Jones joined 105.3 The Fan right after the Cowboys concluded their training camp practice for the day.

Straight and to the point.

Both Stephen and owner Jerry Jones tried to make it perfectly clear that the Cowboys will be content with working with their young group of receivers throughout the rest of training camp before they look to adding a veteran presence. Any veteran.

If the media asks specifically about Plaxico Burress and they receive a reply; it doesn't mean that Burress is the top consideration of the Cowboys; and that seems to be the theme of most of the reports out there. Hey, maybe I'm reading the tea leaves wrong, but that's how it seems to be presented.

Here's a collection of quotes that seem to be pieced together, but are presented in a way to make them seem like a steady stream of dialogue, courtesy of DMN's David Moore.

"We’ve got some guys," Jones said. "When all is said and done, we may not need anybody. But at some point, a veteran receiver is someone we might want to look at, a slot type receiver as well.

"Plaxico has some really great highlights in his career. With a guy like him it would mean you move Miles into the slot when you go with three.

"I wouldn’t totally rule out Plaxico at some point if he’s still there when we work through our evaluation process with the guys here."

Doesn't that read to you as if there were some leading questions in between those quote blocks? Again, maybe I'm just being that guy, but the Cowboys brass going into full 'distance ourselves' mode right after practice makes me think that they aren't as intrigued as the picture being painted.

I won't even spend time, for the moment, debating the merits of what Plaxico would add to Dallas. The Cowboys didn't go big name last year when they were thin behind Miles and Dez. They didn't feel the need to sign someone in camp; waiting until Week One to ink Laurent Robinson. Yet, here we are; being pushed into a Plaxico watch a week and a half into camp.

I ask for your opinion on the subject. Do you believe the Cowboys have shown an interest in Plaxico? Do you think they should?

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