Wait...other Quarterbacks can "Choke"?

I found what I thought was a funny observation from this weekend of football. I wouldn’t have written about it except that it was so glaring to me. I noticed that several of the “Elite” and “Clutch” quarterbacks were put in position to either win or tie their game this weekend, and failed.

Drew Brees had the opportunity with over 3 minutes left against the underdog Redskins, on his home turf, to tie the game with a touchdown and 2-point conversion. On the very 1st play of the drive he threw a horrible pick right down the middle of the field that lead to a Washington score. Now, he did lead a quick scoring drive after that to pull within a score again, but thanks to his previous mistake, it was too little too late.

Now if Romo threw that pick in a 1 score game with that much time to work with and on 1st down against a massive underdog? ESPN would have cancelled coverage of all of the remaining games to free up the time that they would need to properly crucify him.

Aaron Rodgers, whom the media and many fans have anointed as not only the best quarterback in the NFL today, but also "Arguably the best quarterback ever.", was given two chances to tie the game after Randall Cobb gave the team a huge boost with a punt return td. The results? First an interception that led to a Niners score, and then later a turnover on downs.

That game will be big news, but it will be big news because the Packers lost, not because Rodgers "choked". And when he does well next week against the Bears, the media won’t coin it the "Rodgerscoaster".

And I also have to point out that Romo led a comeback and OT win against the same vaunted defense last year in their house, with broken ribs and a punctured lung, and Jesse Holley as his number 1 WR in OT versus the choice of Jennings, Nelson, Jones or Cobb. It’s possible the Niners D is better this year, but it was pretty dang good last year too.

Big Ben is a quarterback that has been lauded for his clutchness, and I must admit that I feel he is generally clutch. But down by 6 points against the Broncos with over 2 minutes to work with, Ben almost immediately threw a pick-6 to Tracy Porter.

Want to know a quarterback who was more clutch this week than these guys?? Kevin Kolb.

Now let’s see how our "choker" of a quarterback did. When the Giants were only down by a touchdown late in the 4th quarter, and penalties pushed our offense back 20 yards, on 1st and 30 our "loser" quarterback said "Let me hit my boy Miles for this 34 yard touchdown right here, because if I have to get all of those yards in 2 or 3 throws I might choke." Later, faced with a 3rd and 10 to seal the deal or give it back to the Giants with time for them to come back, he threw a dagger to Kevin just past the marker to win the game. Those weren’t come-from-behind plays, but you’re a fool if you don’t think that they were incredibly high pressure plays. And they were plays that won the game for his team.

Now you might say, "Well those guys have rings, so they are allowed to have bad days." Like last year when Brady threw 4 picks against the Bills and the Pats lost, people said "Hey, he’s got 3 rings." Now, I’ve never understood the logic that the bar should be set lower for Superbowl champs. If they are so great, then shouldn’t we expect them to perform better at all times than our "Overrated choker"? If an adult steals from a store, we probably send them to jail, whereas we might just scold a teenager. Why? Because the adult is supposed to have experience, maturity, know-how and has been there and done that. Shouldn’t it be the same with champions?

Now, I’m absolutely not saying that these guys aren’t good, or that they are chokers. I just thought it was interesting to have a week were they all showed us how easily even the perceived best can fail to come through under pressure.

Anyway, I thought it was funny and I can’t wait to see BSPN not slobber all over these guys’ "chokes" like they would have if it had been Romo. I’m just glad that us fans who know him best, know that while he is not perfect, the man is awesome.

Note: If somehow anyone didn’t pick up that I was being sarcastic when calling Romo an "Overrated choker", well, I was being sarcastic haha.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.