KD's 10-for-10 - 2012 Week #1 Update

Welcome back - football, Cowboys Win, and KD's 10-for-10 contest!

Last year, KD had just gotten promoted to the Front Page, and he was overwhelmed by the first week entries in his 10-for-10 contest. After averaging 30-40 during the 2010 season (as a weekly FanPost), he had 81 play the first week.

I was one of the new players, and made a spreadsheet to track everyone's entries to see if anyone appeared to be headed for 10-for-10.

After the afternoon games were played, I posted my summary, and updated it after the Cowboys-Jets game and the Monday night games. I then emailed KD and asked if he would like any volunteer assistance recording and tabulating the entries each week.

He welcomed me to the team, and I have been doing it ever since. I have since made enough tweaks to the basic spreadsheet so that I can record each entry fairly quickly and organize and sort various reports. I email KD my spreadsheet each Tuesday morning so he can have the same information available to him to prepare his next post.

But this year? There were 222 just the first week. The most we ever had last year was 96 (week #3, Cowboys-Redskins on Monday Night Football). Wow!

We did have one perfect 10-for-10 score this week. Read after the jump for that recognition, for the naming of eighteen more who only missed one, for some belated recognitions from last postseason, and for a little housekeeping.

First - the housekeeping. Part of serving on a church staff and working in ministry is I tend to administer grace, probably too much. With this volume of people, I hope you enjoyed the first-week and new-player grace, because it will need to stop. My schedule has changed, and Tuesdays are now probably my busiest in my work. So, I am going to have a difficult time posting these weekly FanPosts early on Tuesday. They may be as late as midday Wednesday getting up (like today).

I will still try (as I did this weekend) to go onto KD's current contest page and give updates - possibly after the early games, certainly after the late games, after the Sunday night game, and after the Monday night game(s).

That way, if you can't wait for the FanPost, you can see a preview of any 10-for-10s and an overview of who's on top.

One more thing that is new - there are many more Thursday night games this season (virtually every week). If you can't wait for KD's new contest page each week (appearing either Wednesday or Thursday morning), I will take "Thursday Game Only" picks on my FanPosts. Last year, I would take early posts of an entire week or more of games. That way, people who traveled and wouldn't be able to get their picks in on time had options. I would transfer those entries (including the time stamps) onto KD's regular contest page later, so that every pick was in the same place.

I would like to limit that this year to only Thursday games. With the advent of mobile posting and tablet computers, it is difficult to imagine anyone not being able to post each week's picks within the windows provided.

However, I know that some mobile posting doesn't permit the Preview function. So, what you intend may not be what we see. If you correct yourself in a timely manner after catching a mistake (or after having one of our fine watchdogs point it out to you), then I will count it. I will let you know with a reply ("you're good"; "sorry, I can't accept that"; "please resubmit"; etc.).

There was a little bit of confusion last week in KD's original post (later fixed) that caused many posts to get stuck into the "sarcasm font". I am by no means an HTML expert, but here are a couple of shortcuts that will come in handy, especially for mobile posting in this contest:

  • the easiest way to make picks bold is to use an asterisk (without any spaces) before and after any text that you wish to make bold; if you posted this - *Dallas* at NEW YORK GIANTS last week (or *San Francisco* at GREEN BAY), it would have looked like this - Dallas at NEW YORK GIANTS (or San Francisco at GREEN BAY)
  • sarcasm font works best when it is used on a line that is its own paragraph; instead of asterisks, use @ before and after your sarcasm (again, no spaces, as in the example below)
  • @The Cowboys need to cut Tony Romo and re-sign Stephen McGee right now.@
  • if you did that (^^^) in the body of a comment, it would appear in "sarcasm font"

Also, it would greatly help me if you could make your posts each week following these simple steps (with over two hundred participants, the less time I spend recording each entry, the better):

  • copy KD's entire slate of games and paste into the body (not title) of your comment (not reply)
  • make your selections of your ten games; don't erase or change the order of games while you are deciding on which ten you will use
  • once you have finalized your ten selections, delete the other games (three to six each week, depending on byes) and leave only your ten games
  • leave them in KD's order; if you re-order your selections, it takes me longer to record them
  • use Preview before posting if available; make SURE that you have the Cowboys game included, make sure that you have ten games selected (no more, no less); CTRL-Z (undo function) works great if you did an "oops", allowing you to fix mistakes without starting over
  • once you hit submit, that should be it; however, it is a good idea to look at what you just submitted; if something isn't right, make an immediate reply telling me what I need to "fix" on your entry
  • come back a little later (but before games kick off); if something isn't right, someone (one of our watchdogs, KD, or I) will make a comment ("hey, you didn't pick the Cowboys game"; "you only picked nine games"; "you didn't make all of your selections bold") and you can "fix" it before it's too late

This week's perfect 10-for-10, boyman, is the recipient of that grace. The link on his handle is to his pick. He forgot to bold his Cowboys pick and immediately replied to himself with that correction. KD replied later that day and asked him to re-submit a completely new entry. That didn't happen. I understood what he intended, and he "fixed" his entry in plenty of time before games were played. I had no problem recording his ten picks, so I counted them.

Turns out, he was the only one to get all ten right this week. Does he go into the Hall? Does he get kicked out? I asked KD for his take. Since it was week #1 and since he was a first-time player (others had much more difficulty getting entries formatted correctly), his ruling was - count it, no asterisk.

So, congratulations, boyman, on being the first to score 10-for-10 this season.

Others were close. There were eighteen who only missed one game. Fourteen missed by picking the Saints, and one each missed by picking Packers, Bills, Steelers, and Raiders.

After that, the jumble begins (looks like the starting area of a marathon race). There are eighty who are tied for twentieth with eight right this week and eighty-three more who are tied for one-hundredth with seven right. The other forty had six or fewer right.

Some anomalies from this first week:

  • two entered ten games without including a pick in the Cowboys game; their first nine were counted, and tenth discarded; please make sure that you include the Cowboys game in your picks
  • one entered ten games but only made bold the first eight selections; I replied and begged, but that person didn't return to add in the other two games
  • nine joined after the Cowboys game was played, understanding that only nine of their picks could be counted (there is only one more time this season when the Cowboys play early - Thanksgiving)
  • one person made a Wednesday-Game-Only pick and failed to get back with his other nine picks

Now, finally, here is the information that I normally report to you each week.

First, our collective scoreboard. This is where I tabulate our results on each game. For those of you who kept picks in order, I got to tabulate fairly quickly because almost 90% of the picks began with: Dallas, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Houston. Most also contained New Orleans, New England, and Baltimore. After those eight picks, then came some diversity. Most finished up with combinations of Atlanta, Green Bay, Seattle, and Carolina. There was much less action in the other games. Only 32 (out of 222) included the overtime thriller of Jacksonville-Minnesota.

Overall, we did well as a group. The majority was right in eleven of the sixteen games, and solidly so. There were no games this week where we were fairly evenly divided in our selections. However, a couple of games nailed us, as most of us picked New Orleans and/or Green Bay at home.

This is a much better scoreboard than last year's week #1. With so many new players who did not participate last year, all I can say is "Well done!"

Week #1 Results (Home in CAPS)
Win Winners (we're great) Lose
217 HOUSTON Miami 0
211 DETROIT St. Louis 1
198 Philadelphia CLEVELAND 3
197 CHICAGO Indianapolis 2
197 New England TENNESSEE 2
185 Dallas NEW YORK GIANTS 26
151 BALTIMORE Cincinnati 4
106 Atlanta KANSAS CITY 13
45 San Diego OAKLAND 22
42 DENVER Pittsburgh 20
Win Losers (we're bleep) Lose
6 Washington NEW ORLEANS 193
6 San Francisco GREEN BAY 97
6 ARIZONA Seattle 79
17 TAMPA BAY Carolina 64
20 NEW YORK JETS Buffalo 50
Win Pretty Even (we're indifferent) Lose
25 MINNESOTA Jacksonville 7

Here is the leaderboard for this week:

Top Scores This Week
Week #1 Score Week #1 Score
boyman 10 k@s! 9
alfanti 9 milehightexan 9
behind.enemylines 9 PuckFilly 9
California805Cowboy 9 Shakeepuddn 9
ChrisMan 9 Through Thick And Thin 9
cowboy1966 9 Unique 9
CowboysFan4Life 9 Zmen 9
cowdog 9 80 tied with 8
D_Carter 9 83 tied with 7
HALIFAXPACOWBOY 9 29 tied with 6
IRONRAVEN 9 9 tied with 5
jayrosser27 9 2 with <5 right

Next week, I will report both weekly leaders and overall scores. If you want to see everyone's score this week, look for KD's post. He normally names all the scores, but that's more than I wanted to tackle this week.

Looking ahead to week #2 - KD will have his week #2 contest up either later today (Wednesday) or Thursday morning. For the next fourteen weeks, there will be Thursday night games on NFL network. If you can wait for KD's contest page, please make all of your entries there each week.

However, if you get crunched for time and want to make "Thursday Game Only" picks on my FanPost, you may do so, and I will transfer it to KD's contest page later. This Thursday's game is Chicago at Green Bay. If you do that, please put "Thursday Game Only" (without quotes) into a new comment, and then copy/paste one of these lines into the body of your comment (hopefully, the bold command will transfer properly):

*Chicago* at GREEN BAY

Chicago at *GREEN BAY*

Finally - and I would be remiss if I didn't do this - I need to give a shout out to those who picked in last year's playoffs. In 2010, KD had an impossible playoff contest - pick all four wild card winners; pick all four division winners; pick both championship winners; and, as a tiebreak, pick the Super Bowl winner - all in advance of the first playoff game.

This past season, he left out the wild card round, and "only" had the other seven games in a contest (tiebreak - Super Bowl final score). I jumped into the fray and had a "Wild Card Weekend" contest so we wouldn't miss out on a week.

I never got the FanPost written that reported winners; all I did was congratulate in comments on old posts.

Both contests had perfection.

Wild Card Weekend:

  • 4-for-4 - ziggy19 picked all four winners, and was the only one to go 4-for-4
  • 3-for-4 - Ben24626, j-man, jstaubach, and Specific only missed one
  • there were twenty-three total participants

KD's Playoff Contest (Div/Conf/SB):

  • 7-for-7 - Mikellie picked all seven winners, and was the only one to pick the Giants to win the Super Bowl
  • 4-for-7 - BigBad Joe, jstaubach, lildrummerboy, rioplayer7, Rome One, and ziggy19; each of these got three out of four right in the division round, and one out of two in the conference championships
  • there were forty-six total participants in KD's Playoff Contest

Congratulations to those who were perfect - ziggy19 and Mikellie. The links above are to their picks in the contests.

Again, welcome back! See you next week. I should be shorter next week.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.