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Cowboys Individual Player Power Rankings, Post-Week One For Entire 53-Man Roster

Results of Miles' demise have been grossly exaggerated.
Results of Miles' demise have been grossly exaggerated.

When we last had our individual player power rankings, we were on the precipice of summertime fun. I took a look at the team based on 2011 performance, mixed in a little bit of the observations we were hearing throughout the OTAs and in anticipation of training camp.

But now? Now we have one actual game to overreact off of evaluate! So we jump in, feet first, into our first regular season individual player power rankings.

Here's what I considered. First and foremost is current ability. How are they performing in front of our eyes? Think Nate Livings and Kevin Ogletree. The second criteria is history; I will not ignore past performance whether good or bad. Think Jason Witten and Jason Hatcher. Finally, potential plays a role in these rankings as well; a la Morris Claiborne.

Now don't get me wrong; I know down to my smallest atom that football is a team sport and nothing can be accomplished without all players on the field working in unison with each other. These rankings aren't intended to dismiss that fact whatsoever. However, individual accolades still have their place. Besides, I want to do this.

So without further ado, here's my Top Ten. Follow the jump to see the complete 53-man roster, as well as notes on the Top 22 (why do people always stop at a round number?)

Ranking Player Position (LR)
1 DeMarcus Ware OLB 1
1a Tony Romo QB 2
3 Sean Lee ILB 6
4 DeMarco Murray RB 10
5 Jason Witten TE 3
6 Dez Bryant WR 5
7 Brandon Carr CB 7
8 Tyron Smith LT 4
9 Miles Austin WR 8
10 Jason Hatcher DE 13

Ranking Player Position (LR) Notes
1 DeMarcus Ware OLB 1 2nd fastest to 100 sacks; 13 away from Harvey Martin's club record. Reasonable ETA: 3rd quarter Sunday.
1a Tony Romo QB 2 After watching a replay of the win, I couldn't reasonably not give Tony a bump from the offseason rank.
3 Sean Lee ILB 6 Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried. Take notes, David Wilson.
4 DeMarco Murray RB 10 Yeah, I said it. Murray is looking like the real deal, and the closer Dallas needs in the backfield.
5 Jason Witten TE 3 Witten was pure inspiration last week; hopeful he's back to form this week.
6 Dez Bryant WR 5 Clearly concern No. 1 for opposing defenses, but not big target/catch numbers again
7 Brandon Carr CB 7 Don't press the issue PFF; Carr completely altered everything about the Cowboys D in week 1
8 Tyron Smith LT 4 The next "best tackle in the game" struggled mightily against the best 4-3 DE in the game. 4 penalties, 3QB pressures
9 Miles Austin WR 8 After a quiet first half, Austin reminded everybody of '09 Miles
10 Jason Hatcher DE 13 The late bloomers late bloomer. Becoming uber-disruptive.
11 Jay Ratliff NT 9 Still not practicing, defensive line goal line stand without him… slides him a bit.
12 Anthony Spencer OLB 19 Made several huge plays but didn’t register a sack so we aren’t allowed to give him any accolades whatsoever.
13 Bruce Carter ILB 20 He's coming, folks. Whether you hated on him or not… he's coming.
14 Sean Lissemore DE 14 Snap total reached 27, didn't generate a lot of pressure though was stout in holding ground
15 Nate Livings LG 24 We were told if he didn't have to pull he'd be fine, had a real good performance against tough opponent
16 Morris Claiborne CB 12 I'm sorry Rob, was that more press coverage you ordered? Has to work on tackling though… eeesh.
17 Dan Bailey PK 11 Split'Em. Uprights, responsibilities, kings at the blackjack table. Split'Em.
18 Kevin Ogletree WR 43 Hey buddy, 11 targets? Two touchdowns? You seen that Laurent guy recently?
19 Gerald Sensabaugh SS 21 Second concussion scare in two years, but seems to be ok. Good start to season coverage-wise
20 Mike Jenkins CB 16 He's coming back and just might propel Dallas secondary to one of league's best
21 Doug Free RT 17 Giants moved JPP around- and he got Free a couple times too. Not too many ops left before panic sets in.
22 Kyle Orton QB 18 The world's greatest backup quarterback in the history of the world. Or something.
23 Lawrence Vickers FB 23
24 Victor Butler OLB 25
25 Kenyon Coleman DE 39
26 John Phillips TE 26
27 Ryan Cook C n/a
28 Felix Jones RB 15
29 Orlando Scandrick CB 22
30 Josh Brent NT 33
31 Barry Church S 31
32 Marcus Spears DE N/A
33 Mana Silva FS N/A
34 Chris Jones P 53
35 Tyrone Crawford DE 28
36 Mackenzy Bernadeau RG 29
37 Danny McCray S 45
38 LP Ladoucer LS 52
39 Phil Costa C 32
40 James Hanna TE N/A
41 Mario Butler CB N/A
42 Alex Albright LB 46
43 Dan Connor ILB 27
44 Matt Johnson SS 34
45 Phillip Tanner RB 35
46 Andre Holmes WR 36
47 Dwayne Harris WR N/A
48 Jermey Parnell OT 51
49 Cole Beasley WR 40
50 Kyle Wilber OLB 41
51 David Arkin OG N/A
52 Derrick Dockery OG N/A
53 LeQuan Lewis CB N/A

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