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Thursday Night Football Starts This Week

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A quick reminder, the football week starts on Thursday, and tonight the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers play. Those who have the NFL Network will be able to watch this game. Both teams should be factors in the NFC playoff chase, the Packers were heavy pre-season favorites in the NFC but had a rough go of it out of the gate, stumbling against the resurgent San Francisco 49ers, who are also big factors in the NFC. The Bears had an easier time of it when they dismantled the Indianapolis Colts last week. The Packers are under heavy pressure not to fall into an 0-2 hole to start the year. I've already made my prediction that the Pack will win, as did most of the front-page writers except for Coty and KD, who see the Bears coming out on top.

A few more reminders: Make sure you get your fantasy teams lined up before tonight, you don't want to forget and end up missing out. Also, we'd love to see you join our Pick 6 game, the deadline is 8 PM EST tonight to get your picks in. We'll be running an open thread for chat tonight for the game, so come by and hang out.

For Bears coverage, check out Windy City Gridiron, for Packers coverage head over to Acme Packing Company.

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