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Tony Romo Returns To Seattle

Tony may never put the bobbled snap totally in his rear view mirror, but he has managed to move on from it and become a better player.
Tony may never put the bobbled snap totally in his rear view mirror, but he has managed to move on from it and become a better player.

When the Dallas Cowboys take on the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday, there will be a lot at stake. The Cowboys are fresh off a fantastic win on the road against the defending Super Bowl champions the New York Giants. It was the type of win that begins to give a team a lot of confidence heading into the rest of their season. But for the Cowboys and Tony Romo, there are certain memories surrounding this game.

This will be the first game the team has played in Seattle since their 2007 playoff loss. You know, the game where Romo bobbled a snap and cost the Cowboys a playoff win.

Romo has really grown since that moment. Even though he has never escaped the outcome of that snap, Romo has managed to get back up and continue on his journey of being a NFL quarterback. Since we are fans of the Dallas Cowboys, we have basically watched Romo play every game. We know the type of quarterback he can be, but unfortunately only the negative seems to be pointed out about him.

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Regardless of the outcome of that game, Romo moved on and the experience made him a better person. Life is all about fighting through adversity. Unfortunately, life isn't easy and we must continue to fight through whatever comes our way. Romo has fought through a lot of adversity and he continues to grow into a better quarterback because of it.

Romo was recently asked about the game, and he reflected about the past.

"Shoot, it feels like I was 10 years old back then," said Romo, who turned 32 back in April. "Football is a great game, it teaches you a lot of lessons. Your ability to interact with other people, how to develop into a leadership role, lots of things. But you put your head down and just get better."

That game probably changed Tony Romo forever. By that point, many of us were just happy to finally have something going at the quarterback position. Remember, this was a team that was desperate to find some stability at the position after Aikman retired. They searched and searched, but continued to come up with duds.

Romo changed all of that and gave the fan base some hope that he would be the quarterback to carry them back to the promised land. For the most part, Tony really made this team relevant again.

Jason Witten talked about how the botched snap changed Romo and motivated him to stay hungry throughout his career.

"What a freak play that was," Witten said, referring to Romo serving as the holder, along with his starting quarterback duties, and dropping the snap that prevented a go-ahead field goal with a minute remaining. "I do think his mindset of taking the next step – we really saw him elevate his game the next year and put himself in a category of elite quarterback – that’s when it started. Finishing that (2006 season) that way really fueled him. I think we’ve seen how he’s handled it and pushed himself. I think he remembers those adverse situations."

Romo worked hard that offseason, and his hard work paid off. In the next season, Romo had a breakout year. In 2007, Romo carried the Cowboys to a 13-3 record and the NFC East title. He threw for 4,211 yards, 36 touchdowns and 19 interceptions. During the 2007 season, we began to really see how good Romo could be.

Romo has accomplished a lot since that game. He continues to break about every passing record in Cowboys' history, but he is also accomplishing a lot off the field. In May of 2011 Romo became a married man, and this past April he had a beautiful baby boy.

This Sunday Romo will lead the Dallas Cowboys into battle and attempt to move on to a 2-0 record. I expect this to be a close game that is low scoring. According to Dan Graziano of ESPN, this is a very important game for the Dallas Cowboys, and I have to agree with him.

The Week 1 victory over the Giants offered plenty of fuel for the continuation of those beliefs. But a bad loss to a team they should beat would force everyone to tap the brakes on the early-season excitement. If the Cowboys fly home 1-1 on Sunday night, they'll land in a cloud of the same old doubt.

But if they look as good as they did last Wednesday, and if they fly home 2-0 ... well, then you start to think they might have something. The Cowboys were one of the surprises of Week 1, and the way they beat the champs gave them and their fans a truckload of reasons to feel good and encouraged about the way this season might go after all. Their challenge now is to take what they were in that game and build it into what they are week in and week out. If they can do that, then you start to think they can hold the lead in December. If they can string together a few performances that look anything like what they did against the Giants, the Cowboys will be giving themselves reason to believe they're capable of big things.

If the Cowboys win, it builds on the win from last week and the 2012 journey continues with heads held high as a legitimate contender. If Dallas loses, then it's a big step in the wrong direction.

Whatever happens this Sunday, we should all be thankful that Tony Romo is the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. It took a lot for him to come back from that snap in Seattle and face all of the adversity, but he did it. Romo feels awful about that play costing his team a win. Hopefully one day we get to see him hoist the Lombardi Trophy, of course, as a member of the Dallas Cowboys.

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